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Simple – We have more index information on many subjects and people and are adding to it daily. Government and Big world-wide sites do not have near the detail we have. It is free to check if information indexed. Many indexes are not nearly as detailed as the indexes we have. Were here to help, not interested so ask if your stuck. Asking is free, but if we can help, fee might apply but you have to agree first. 

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Our service can be cheaper then, Gas + Maintenance, Parking, Your Time. In most Cases were much quicker as well.

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Death Notice (On the Classified Obit page)
News articles – Contain same type info – More Detail
Articles anywhere in paper called Obituaries
Mention in Articles
Mention in Inquests
Estate notices
Other common information
Bridal Shower/Gatherings
Births (Mostly not listed on site.)
News articles
Life story articles
Building permits
Military – Diverse articles on Army, Navy and R.C.A.F.

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(Shannon does Lookups in news papers and traditional paper research)

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We have much more information in our indexes not on line, it is free to ask

Edmonton Journal – 1903-1909
Calgary & Edmonton 1902-1938
Edmonton 1907 (Finding Guide)
Vancouver Sun Jan 1930 – Jun 1936 –

Ask Ted at resents@hotmail to have what is available checked.

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