Orders-Indexes Edm Bulletin – Calgary 1903 to 1936

Early Alberta Edmonton Bulletin and Calgary Herald 1903 to 1936 (Missing some years). Others not in detail.

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Below box is formatted [Family Name, Given Given]

Example 1 – Jones, John – Note Comma is not vital

Example 2 – Jon Joh – Part names will pick up any two words that contain Part

Example 3 – “sky, Joseph” – Pattern Search – Helps if family name not spelling Varies. – Idea – Drop the MC or MAC and type “Donald, John”
Note: The Comma is Vital in a Pattern Search.
Wild Cards like ? for one unknow letter or * for all after can be useful.

Many articles only identify people by Initials. To make Initials searchable they are all typed without a space. Hence if your looking for H. W. type H.W. Better still use a Pattern search “Jones, J” drop all else. The more you type, the greater the chance of not finding if your article exists and is indexed.

Copy and Past into a Word document the parts of lists your interested in rather then re-finding.

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