Rocky Mountain Rangers at Kiska

The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.

Aason, Alfred Bernard Pte.
Adoranti, Anzelrno J. L/Cpl.
Aizzier, Elmer Lewis Pte.
Alarie, Leo Pte.
Alcock, Philip George Pte.
Alessio, Dick Pte.
Alexander, David James Pte.
Allan, Robert Henry Sgt.
Allegretto, Oliver Pte.
Allin, William Ronald Pte.
Allworth, George Pte.
Amann, Sebastian Pte.
Anber, Nicholas L/Cpl.
Andersen, Lawrence Gorhart Pte.
Andreas, H.E. Sgt.
Andrewchuk, George Pte.
Archibald, Richard Evan Lieut.
Arduini, R. A/Cpl.
Armstrong, Gordon William Cpl.
Armstrong, William Robert Pte.
Arngrimson, Karl Allan L/Cpl.
Arsenault, J.R. Capt.
Ashby, Edgar Deighton Pte.
Ashton, Albert Alexander L/Cpl.
Ashton, Wesley Munro Pte.
Assmus, Gerhard Emil Pte.
Asztalos, John Joseph Pte.
Atkinson, Clinton St.EImo Pte.
Augustino, Albert Pte.
Babish, Louis Pte.
Babiuk, William Pte.
Bachmoir, Valentine John Pte.
Baird, J.A. L/Cpl.
Baker, William Robert Pte.
Balaberda, Nick Pte.
Balaski, Metro Mack Pte.
Balaski, Nicholas Frank Pte.
Bannow, Henry Gustave L/Cpl.
Baranoik, George Pte.
Barlow, Alec A/Sgt.
Barnaby, Ernest Joseph Pte.
Barr, Edmond James Short Capt.
Barrett, Walter Alexander Lieut.
Barsanti, Orlando Pte.
Barton, John Edward Pte.
Barton, William Elmer Pte.
Basaraba Pte.
Batdorf, Raymond Elwell Pte.
Baziuk, Harry Pte.
Beblow, Daniel Pte.
Beck, Joseph Benjamin Pte.
Beeton, Walter Roy Pte.
Befus, Victor Pte.
Beisiegel, R.P. Pte.
Bell, Norman Alfred Sigmn.
Benesh, Albert Ralph Pte.
Benko, Metro Pte.
Benner, Bruce Harry Cpl.
Bennetts, Thomas John Murray Cpl.
Bennie, Earl Nicholas Pte.
Benson, Leonard Reuben Pte.
Bergquist, Arvid Algot Pte.
Berlinger, John Pte.
Bernat, William Paul A/Cpl.
Bernstein, Gordon Pte.
Beros, John George Pte.
Berstad, Richard Peter Pte.
Bevan, Albert Edward Pte.
Bianchin, G. Pte.
Biberdorf, Albert Pte.
Bidal, Paul Fernand Pte.
Bikadi, Joseph Sgt.
Billings, Morton Edgar Pte.
Billis, Percy Leonard L/Cpl.
Birstad, Dan Pte.
Bjorndal, John Berton Pte.
Blades, Harry Ernest Sydney Major
Bloom, J.C. L/Cpl.
Bohachyk, Dan Pte.
Bohachyk, William Pte.
Boj, John Pte.
Bolland, Walter L/Cpl.
Bond, Hilton Samuel Pte.
Bondzuk, Norman Pte.
Bonogofski, Ole John Pte.
Bonokoski, Peter Jacob Pte.
Bordnarchuk, Sam Pte.
Boser, Frank Nicholas L/Cpl.
Bossio, John Joseph Pte.
Bowdler, William John Pte.
Bowles, John Albert C.S.M
Bracken, William Dyon A/Cpl.
Brehmer, MerI Kenneth Pte.
Brown, Angus Earl A/CSM
Brown, James Lumsden Pte.
Brown, William Charles Pte.
Bruhn, Otto Herman Pte.
Budnick, Nicholas Pte.
Budz, Fred Pte.
Bulin, Glen George Pte.
Bumstead, Harold William Pte.
Burcsik, John David Pte.
Burden, Jason Vernon Pte.
Burnett, Alexander Pte.
Burns, Peter L/Cpl.
Burzush, Deszo Pte.
Buyer, Peter Nicholas Pte.
Buziak, Tliomas Pte.
Cain, John Ralph Pte.
Calvert, Jack Sgt.
Calvert, Philip Russell Sgt.
Camille, Michele Adam Pte.
CampbeII, John Robert Pte.
Carlson, John Stephen Pte.
Carolei, John Orlandino Pte.
Caron, Alphonse Pte.
Carrat, Ernest Francis Pte.
Carrington, Jack Ernest Pte.
Carter, Ernest Sgt.
Cartier, Alfred Pte.
Casavant, Roger Joseph Pte.
Casey, Dale Joseph Pte.
Cassidy, Thomas Harold Pte.
Cavazzi, Ivo A/Sgt.
Chemay, John Pte.
Chernaik, Peter Pte.
Chirka, Joseph Pte.
Chmelyk, Nick Pte.
Chomlak, Joseph Pte.
Chomyn, Nick Pte.
Chrunik, John Pte.
Churchill, Lloyd Richard Pte.
Ciocia, Antone Pte.
Clark, Thomas Edward Pte.
Clarridge, Robert Oliver Pte.
Clayton, Frederick L/Cpl.
Cocks, Barry Pte.
Colwill, Maurice William Pte.
Conjoika, Stanley Pte.
Connell, Ralph Edmond Pte.
Connolly, Frederick Arthur Pte.
Conway, Nornab Donglas Sigmn.
Cooknell, William Pte.
Cooney, William Gore Pte.
Cooper, Herbert John Pte.
Coppen, Sidney Percy Sigmn.
Cossarini, Lugi Pte.
Costanzo, Ceazar L/Sgt.
Cote, Vernon Phillip Pte.
Coulombe, Harvey Theodore L/Cpl.
Crape, Arthur Pte.
Creighton, Victor James Pte.
Cresine, Campbell McWilliams Pte.
Cro, Charles MacKenzie Sgt.
Crockett, Clarence Kenneth Sgt.
Cruikshank, George Robert Pte.
Crundall, John L/Cpl.
Cummings, Lloyd Arthur Sgt.
Cwikula, John Pte.
Cybulskie, Edmund Bernard L/Cpl.
Cynningham, James Frederick Sigmn.
David, P. Pte.
Davidson, D.D. H/Captain
Davies, Herbert Edward Pte.
Dawson, M.C., N.C. Major
Day, A.A. L/Sgt.
Debnam, Edward Hortie Pte.
DeFrancisco, Joseph William Pte.
DeJonckheere, Charles A/Cpl.
Delahunt, James Gilford Pte.
Delich, Morris L/Cpl.
Demianiuk, Roman L/Cpl.
Denis, R.J. Pte.
Dennis, Joseph Octave Pte.
DePaulo, Victor Sgt.
Derkacz, Richard Pte.
Detterbeck, John Pte.
DeWitt, D.O. Sgt.
DeYeager, Leon Albert Pte.
Didrickson, Alf Didrik Stanley Pte.
Dietelbach, Joseph Pte.
Diewold, Albert Joseph Pte.
Dillabough, Purvis Maitland Sgt.
Dittrick, Russell Gordon Pte.
Dixon, William Arnold Pte.
Doepker, Bernard Francis Pte.
Domincuik, Nick Pte.
Dominici, Joseph John Pte.
Dorin, E.A. Pte.
Doroshenko, Dmytro WasyI Pte.
Dotto, August Joseph Pte.
Drebert, Morris Rudolph Pte.
Drinkwater, G. A/Cpl.
Drinkwater, Sydney James Pte.
Drombolis, Spearo L/Sgt.
Drysdale, John William Pte.
Duncan, Ronald Murry Pte.
Durrant, F.E. Captain
Dydh, Michael Pte.
Earwaker, Leslie Franklin A/Cpl.
Eichuk, Alex Pte.
Ellis, Frederick Gordon Lieut.
Elo, Weiko John Pte.
Emmonds, Wilfred Charles L/Cpl.
Endicott, Edmund George Pte.
Esaruk, Michael Pte.
Evenson, John Lamar Pte.
Ewanchuk, N. Pte.
Faulconer, Russel James Pie
Ferguson, Gilbert Bell L/Sgt.
Ferguson, Wesley Robert Pte.
Ferro, Bruno Eulrio Pte.
Feser, Clements Pte.
Fikis, John Sigmn.
Filipowich, Charles Pte.
Fink, Steve Anton Pte.
Finnamore, Leslie Daniel Cowan Pte.
Fitschen, Arthur John Pte.
Flaaton, Norwald Scotty Pte.
Flegel, Edward Pte.
Fletcher, Warren Glenn A/Cpl.
Fllelo, W.H. Pte.
Foreman, H.J. Sgt.
Forte, Evangelista A/Sgt.
Fortes, John Robert Leon Pte.
Fox, William Pte.
Franchi, Alfred Anthony Pte.
Freeman, William Joseph CSM
Froment, Philias Pte.
Fulton, Frederick Joseph Capt
Furlong, Charies Royden Sigmn.
Gagnon, Maximillien Joseph R. L/Cpl.
Gagnon, Romeo Pte.
Gainbin, Gino Pte.
Gambacort, Anthony Bernard Pte.
Geier, Henry Pte.
Geotz, Isidore John Pte.
German, A.F. Pte.
Gerow, Leslie Clarence Robert Cpl.
GIaves, Donaid Grafton Sigmn.
Giles, Lloyd George Pte.
Gill, James Alexander Pte.
Gillespie, Malcom Pte.
Glas, Pious Pte.
Glubrecht, Edward Carl Pte.
Goodings, Walter Kirby Pte.
Gordon, Byron Sgt.
Gordon, Charles Walter Pte.
Grace, Thomas Henry Pte.
Grams, Henry Gustav Pte.
Gratton, Joseph Romeo Pte.
Gray, Howard Kenneth Capt.
Greenwood, William Victor L/Cpl.
GresI, Fred Pte.
Griffiths, Evan David Pte.
Gross, Harry Pte.
Gross, Mathew Pte.
Grossi, Louis Romeo Pte.
Grundy, Vernon Thomas Sgt.
Guenette, Robert Maurice L/Cpl.
Gunter, Frank Pte.
Gust, Wilfred John Pte.
Halisky, John Pte.
Halkow, Mike Pte.
Halksworth, George Sgt.
Hall, Gordon Joseph Emerson CQMS
Hambley, Frederick Armstrong Cpl.
Hamm, Kenneth Lome Pte.
Hanis, James Steven Pte.
Hantke, Alias Philip Robt. L/Sgt.
Harasymchuk, Mike Pte.
Harasymchuk, Peter Pte.
Hari, Waino Julius Pte.
Harris, Alexander Cpl.
Harris, Donald John Sigmn.
Harris, Keith George A/Cpl.
Haug, Gordon William Capt.
Hauk, Robert Pte.
Hawryluk, Fred Sgt.
Hawryluk, William Pte.
Heard, William George Frederick Sgmn.
Hearty, D. Pte.
Hedrick, N. Cpl.
Heffley, David Pte.
Hegland, Arne Eric Pte.
Helm, Alvin Pte.
Henderson, David L/Sgt.
Henderson, James CQMS
Heslip, James Eric Pte.
Hiebert, Philip Filix Pte.
Hildebrand, William Pte.
Hilson, Harry James Pte.
Hnotchuk, Michael L/Cpl.
Hoffart, Joseph Charles Pte.
Hofferman, John James Pte.
Hoffman, William Allan Pte.
Hoffmann, William Martin Pte.
Hoizman, John Edward Pte.
Holcombe, Morris George Pte.
Holman, Gordon Francis Pte.
Holman, M.C., D.B. Lt.-Col.
Holmes, Harold David Sigmn.
Holmes, Stanley A/Cpl.
Homenuk, Ernest Pte.
Hommaway, Chris Pte.
Hone, George William C.Q.M.S.
Hopkins, Albert Victor Sigmn.
Hopp, Rudolf Pte.
Horfman, Stanley Thomas Pte.
Hoth, Arthur Louis Pte.
Hotte, Robert Edmund Pte.
Howard, Herbert Dayton L/Cpl.
Hrycyk, Nicholas Sgt.
Humony, Harry Pte.
Hunt, William Arthur Cpl.
Huscroft, Denis George Lieut.
Ingham, K.A. Pte.
Ingram, Stanley Pte.
Ireton, C.J. Lieut.
Irmeii, George Nicholas Pte.
Isakson, Roy William Pte.
Issel, Albert Joseph
Jackson, John Garrish Lieut.
Jamieson, Robert George Sigmn.
Janetos, James John A/Sgt.
Janke, L. Pte.
Jans, Edward Pte.
Joa, Leander Joseph Pte.
Johannesson, Hallgrimur Pte.
Johanson, Emanuel Pte.
Johnson, Gunnlauger Pte.
Johnson, Victor Willam L/Cpl.
Jones, Edward Pte.
Jones, Gordon Ambrose Lieut.
Kaidas, Joseph Pte.
Kalinocha, Peter Pte.
Kallis, Rhinehard Pte.
Kalynuik, Michael Pte.
Kaninski, Frank Pte.
Kaufman, Louis Henry Pte.
Kautzman, Henry Fleff Pte.
Kay, Louis L/Cpl.
Kaynor, Joseph Pte.
Kayter, Martin L/Cpl.
Keating, Thomas Joseph Pte.
Keatley, Clifford Linnell Capt.
Keen, Joseph William L/Cpl.
Kellas, N. Cpl.
Ketchen, T.H. Sgt.
Kienast, Francis Howard Pte.
Kilgus, Agener L/Cpl.
King, Arnold Frederick Cpl.
King, Samuel Ronald L/Cpl.
Kirkpatriek, Edward Mason Sigmn.
Kleinfeldt, Albert Pte.
Klub, William Pte.
Knipe, John Henry Sigmn.
Kobelsky, John Pte.
Koch, Harry Pte.
Korgaard, Niels Pte.
Kostersky, Joe Pte.
Kowalsky, Edward Pte.
Kowtck, John Pte.
Kraft, Jacob Pte.
Kraft, Nick Pte.
Kraska, Joseph Peter Pte.
Kratchkowsky, Gustave Pte.
Kung, Alfred Rudolph A/CQMS
Kuozma, Alexander Pte.
Kurulak, Harry Pte.
Kusznior, Edward Pte.
L’Abbee, Laurie Pte.
LaBelIe, Albert Pte.
LaBelle, Russell Pte.
Lahn, Harold Pte.
Lamontagne, Maurice Luciene Pte.
Larsen, Albert Peter Pte.
Laufer, Gordon Pte.
Lavallee, Peter Damase Pte.
Lavender, Frank Ross Pte.
Legault, Albert Joseph Pte.
Lehman, Harold Pte.
Leighton, Ralph Raymond Pte.
Lemiro, Gilbert Joseph Pte.
Leneck, Jack L/Cpl.
Lenius, Peter Pte.
Lenko, Nicholas Pte.
Leonard, Keith Merle Pte.
Leontowicz, Alexander A/Cpl.
Lesmeister, Michael Cpl.
Lillejord, Alien Thomas Pte.
Linardic, Alston Pte.
Lipinski, Edward Pte.
Lipmski, P.J. Pte.
Lipsack, George John Cpl.
Listwan, Adam Lional Pte.
Little, Gordon Melvin Pte.
Lizette, Wilfred Joseph Pte.
Lochbaum, John A/Cpl.
Lockwood, John Harold Cpl.
Logue, John Wade L/Cpl.
Lotwin, Mike Pte.
Loveway, Abraham Pte.
Loyst, Earl Vinton L/Cpl.
Lozinski, Nicolas Pte.
Luffman, Harold Wesley Pte.
Lunn, H.G. A/RSM
Lupechuk, George Pte.
Luukkonen, Aimer Andrew Pte.
Lyons, Allan Cameron L/Cpl.
Lyttle, Cecil John Pte.
MacDonald, Gerald Francis Pte.
MacDonald, Hanish Campbell Sgt.
MacKay, Donald Pte.
Mackie, William Lieut.
MacMain, Wilson George L/Cpl.
MacQuarrie, Donald Kelly Lieut.
Mahdiuk, Steve A/Cpl.
Manifold, Robert Pte.
Mann, Carl Harry Sigmn.
Marcinek, Joseph Pte.
Maroon, Mario L/Cpl.
Marshall, John William Pte.
Martel, Girard Pte.
Martin, Melvin Roy Pte.
Mass, Albert Benjamin Pte.
Massey, Richard Lieut.
Matchetchuk, John Pte.
May, Frederick Albert Pte.
Mayer, Ernest Emil Pte.
Mayhew, James Elerie L/Cpl.
Mazick, Joseph Pte.
McArthur, Welwyn John Lieut.
McAuliffe, George Augustus Sgt.
McCarthy, H.R. 2/Lieut
McDonaId, Ivan George Pte.
McEachern, James Arthur L/Cpl.
McGuire, Alvin Daniel Pte.
McLean, Ronald Alexander Cpl.
McLennan, Leonard Pte.
Mclntosh, Albert Sydney Pte.
McVeety, Wesley James Pte.
McVey, Stuart Moffat Pte.
MeKillop, Donald Archibald Sigmn.
Michaud, Lorenzo Josephat L/Cpl.
Miller, Albert Martin Sgt.
Miller, Alexander Pte.
Miller, Darrell Thedorous Pte.
Miller, John Frederick Sgt.
Miller, Leslie Alien A/RQMS
Miller, Robert Kenneith Pte.
Miller, Watson Ernest Pte.
Mills, Lerne Pte.
Mino, Bruce Wainwright Pte.
Miskimins, Lawrence Pte.
Mitchell, Perry Fernus Sigmn.
Mitchell, Walker Elgin Pte.
Moeh, Joseph Pte.
Moffat, Sydney Sgt.
Morelli, Joseph L/Cpl.
Morford, Gordon Clarence Pte.
Moroz, Edward George Pte.
Moser, Ralph Pte.
Mryglod, Joseph Pte.
Muglich, Clarence Aloico Pte.
Mulholland, George Wallace Lieut.
Mullins, Horace Thomas Lieut.
Mumby, David Carl Lieut
Murray, William Cpl.
Muskovich, Nick Pte.
Mutter, James Kerr Cpl.
Nagy, Andrew Ernest Pte.
Naylor, Wiliiam David Sigmn.
Neale, Frederick Edward Pte.
Ned, Mose Pte.
Nelson, Clarence Peter C/CSM
Nelson, Earl Pte.
Nelson, Maxwell Woodrow Pte.
New, Ernest Robert L/Cpl.
Nobel, Gilbert Pte.
Noitz, Edwin Pte.
Norman, Gisli Martin Pte.
Nowasad, Michael L/Cpl.
Oberg, Leonard Clarence William Pte.
Oberst, John George Pte.
Oilie, Frank Paul Pte.
O’Leary, John A/Cpl.
Olson, Birtle Pte.
Olson, Lennart Alien Pte.
Onda, James Michael Pte.
O’Neill, James William Pte.
Orser, Hanry Arthar Sigmn.
Osborae, Donald Hugh Sigmn.
Osiel, Louis Thomas A/Cpl.
Outhwaite, James David Pte.
Padar, Ivan Pte.
Palcso, John Pte.
Pankewich, Casik Pte.
Parisotto, Massimiliano Marcallo Pte.
Partridge, John Philip L/Cpl.
Parypa, William Pte.
Patenaude, Joseph Ernest Pte.
Paul, Lawrence Daniel Pte.
Pavlis, Nick Ignace Pte.
Payton, Walter Pte.
Pearson, Kenneth James Pte.
Pearson, Victor Pte.
Pelech, Ronan Pte.
Pequin, Edward Charles Pte.
Pequin, George Louis Pte.
Perdux, Alain Pte.
Peressini, Americo Pte.
Perubanec, Steve L/Cpl.
Petersen, Andrew Martin Cpl.
Peterson, Wallace Russell Pte.
Petryszyn, Wilfred L/Sgt.
Pfeil, R.W. Pte.
Philps, William David Pte.
Piwowarski, Lawrence Pte.
Poirier, Wilfred Henry Pte.
Poison, Ernest Otto Pte.
Poloyko, Steve Pte.
Popowich, Michael Pte.
Porri, Vincent Pte.
Porter, Allan Douglas Pte.
Pritchard, Harry William L/Cpl.
Propas, Ruben Pte.
Quesnel, Arthur Earl Lieut.
Radulski, Walter Sgt.
Rae, Gordon Frederick Pte.
Ranta, Raymond Pte.
Ranyard, Montague Harry L/Sgt.
Rasmussen, Norman Melvin Pte.
Rawiing, Arnold Burton A/Sgt.
Raymond, Thomas Edward Pte.
Redman, Kenneth Frank Cpl.
Reiber, Ralph Pte.
Reid, Frederick James L/Cpl.
Rejman, Edward Pte.
Reves, Steve Pte.
Reynolds, Earl Mathews Pte.
Rigetti, J. Pte.
Robert, Leslie Pte.
Robertson, James Allan Pte.
Robinson, Cecil Art Pte.
Rogers, F.J. Pte.
Rojeski, Walter Pte.
Rokosh, J. Pte.
Rollheiser, Paul Pte.
Rosaasen, Hilding Arnold Pte.
Rosenberg, Sol David Sgt.
Round, GoraId Clifford Pte.
Rousseau, Allen John Pte.
Rowbottom, Leo Sargdert Pte.
Ruault, Ernest Philip Pte.
Rudy, John Pte.
Runham, Jacob Ernest Pte.
Ryan, George Bernard Pte.
Saarie, William Pte.
Sallee, Victor Pte.
Salomone, Paul Pte.
Salvian, Alfred Arthur L/Cpl.
Salzl, Peter John Pte.
Sammartino, Brumo L/Cpl.
Sandor, Pius Pte.
Sanger, Ralph Raymond Capt.
Saretsky, George Lawrence Pte.
Sather, Alv Sigvald Pte.
Schaan, Frankn Pte.
Schaefer, Alexander Pte.
Scherbainz, Nicholas Pte.
Scherle, Arthur Pte.
Schiebeibein, John Pte.
Schmidt, Edwin Emil Sgt.
Schneider, Anthony Harold Pte.
Schoffer, Earnest Fred Pte.
Schroeder, John Leonard Pte.
Schwager, Ciair Thomas Cpl.
Scott, Robert Edward A/CSM
Scott, W.N. Pte.
Scriver, John Eiton Pte.
Selman, Ronald Clifford Pte.
Shaidle, Earl Joseph Pte.
Sharp, George MacLean Pte.
Sharpe, D.M. Capt.
Shepard, Edgar Spencer Pte.
Sherman, Edward Benhard Pte.
Shiels, lan Edward Gordon Pte.
Shiplack, Paul Sgt.
Silcox, Lee Mortimer Capt.
Simon, Joseph A. Pte.
Sinclair, Reginald Joseph Pte.
Sjursen, John A/Sgt.
Slogar, John Pte.
Sluser, William Pte.
Smith, Clarke MacDougall Pte.
Smith, Esdale Alvin Pte.
Smith, Harry Gray Pte.
Smith, Percival Pte.
Smith, William Illingworth Pte.
Sobischanski, Harry Pte.
Soderquist, Vincent Eric Pte.
Somehyshen, Isador Pte.
Songer, Pius Anthony Pte.
Spinosa, Philip Pte.
Spooner, Alvin John Pte.
Squinihan, Garret Johnny Pte.
St.Laurent, Roland Pte.
Stawnychka, Miroslow Pte.
Stefaniuk, Andrew Pte.
Stegman, Harry Paul Pte.
Stoll, Charles David Pte.
Stone, Albert Raymond Cpl.
Strandli, Oscar Ludwig Sgt.
Strid, Earnest Hilding Pte.
Strynadka, Andrew Pte.
Stuckel Elmer Steve Pte.
Sturtz, Gottfried Pte.
Sucholotosky, Nick Pte.
Suddaby, William Harold Pte.
Sulatyski, John Cliff Pte.
Syrjamaki, Walter Frederick John Pte.
Sysa, John Pte.
Szendrey, George James Pte.
Taylor, Robert Reginald Pte.
Tener, John Frost Major
Tennebaum, Samuel Pte.
Ternowsky, Paul Pte.
Thompson, Raymond Theodore Pte.
Thomson, Kenneth Guild Pte.
Thornton, Henry J. Capt
Tiechman, Carl Pte.
Tinant, George Pte.
Tingley, Calvin Edward Sgt.
Tomlinson, Charles Ewart Pte.
Topham, Roy Alfred Craig L/Cpl.
Toslak, Nick Pte.
Traco, Percy William Pte.
Trish, Gerald Albert Pte.
Tryyki, Arnold Edwin Pte.
Tucker, Victor Pte.
Tuesday, Pierre Pte.
Turkiewicz, James L/Cpl.
Upton, T. Captain
Urbanski, Paul Pte.
Vajo, John Pte.
Vessey, Sidney Lieut.
Walker, Henry Davis Lieut.
Walker, William Henry Pte.
Warlow, James Richard Pte.
Warne, Alfred Richmond L/Sgt.
Warner, N.H. L/Cpl.
Watson, Gordon Maynard Pte.
Watson, Muir Pte.
Watts, Arthur Lieut.
Waugh, Earnest Alfred Pte.
Wawryk, Newton Pte.
Weeks, C.W. Capt.
Weisgerber, Max Pte.
Werner, Alfred Norman Pte.
West, William Moriey Pte.
Whebell, Ralph Angus L/Cpl.
Whiting, James Stanley L/Cpl.
Wibberley, Leslie C.Q.M.S
Wignes, Norman Peter Pte.
Wilcockson, John Alexander L/Cpl.
Wildemann, Peter Alexander Pte.
Williams, Melville Cameron Sgt.
Williamson, Arthur Edgar Pte.
Willianen, Harry L/Sgt.
Wilson, Frederick James C.S.M
Wilson, Lloyd Arthur Pte.
Winnick, John Pte.
Wisman, Arnold Pte.
Wooden, Louis Pte.
Wotzstein, Andrew Mathews Pte.
Wynnyk, Michael A/Cpl.
Yaremko, John Pte.
Yeremio, Peter Pte.
Zack, Alfred Pte.
Zaiachkowski, Peter L/Cpl.
Zeiler, John Pte.
Zmurchok, John A/Cpl.
Zubot, Peter Pte.