Additional Resources

Assorted Data Bases

We have a wide range of Alberta Data bases which can greatly add to any Genealogy Project. – All projects are incomplete. In many cases we will give you the information any refer you to others for look ups.

Improved list of Alberta Deaths – A list of Deceased Alberta citizens – We work on this list constantly adding hand written records and correcting the list which is on line. (The on line list contains missed detail and or dropped part names. Hand written and out of alphabetical order records have been added. This list will be updated every few months. Should you wish to use this list (Which saves lots of time) please make a donation to help pay for this web page $10. per year is recommended.


To view improved list of Alberta Deaths please click on above link. More dates will be added as time permits.

Military records

The Army, Navy and Air Force have been in Alberta as long as there has been an Alberta. Many of our ancestors have served not only in War Time as well as peace time. We have an extensive data base of names of persons who served and detailed information from the News Papers on the activities of the units. Were heavy on Edmonton but plan to do more with the Calgary Units. We have information on the verious veterans groups and activates under the general topic of “Legion”

War, We have extensive information on Soldiers of the great wars which included the names of those who service, where they were each day and a general description of what the units did. Records for the 49th Battalion and the Loyal Edmonton Regiment can be ordered through the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum. Information on other units such as Signals, Artillery etc. can be requested through Ted at Ask if you want a better description on what is available for specific people.