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Organization of Business Advancing Publicity in the States


Calgary has now sixty-two of the business representatives and firms enrolled on the Western Canadian Immigration association list of members. A year ago there were no members in Calgary and in January there were but two delegates from Calgary to the annual convention,


This illustrates the increased interest in the work of the organization in this section. Monday night there will be a general meeting of the members in the Herald block at the office of Managing Director Young. In addition to formulating plans for carrying on the work the members will complete the details for the reception of the Washington newspaper men who will arrive in Calgary July 3. This tour is expected to give Alberta more publicity in the states than she has ever received in the past.


Two thousand dollars has been subscribed in cash by Calgary members and business firms during the past days, Special Agent Page of Winnipeg having looked after the work with the aid of several local members.


A monthly business luncheon is being figured on by the committee at which the members may meet during the noon hour for informal discussion at little expense. With the tremendous crop presage by present agricultural conditions and the general feeling is that advertising Alberta in the states now will be of special value. This is the purpose of the organization.


All members are requested to be present Monday night at eight o’clock. The following is the list of members:


Rowley, C. W.                      Vice President

Burns, P. T.

Davidson, W.M. 

Emerson, J.

Hutchings, R.J.

Bick, L. W.

Hunt, W. G.

Young, J.,J.

Hall, Jno. S.

England, L.H.

Downie, S

Skinner, T. J. S.

Happie, W. E.

Porter, G.C.               Secretary

Jen & Cochlin

The Bole Drug Co.

Campbell Bros. & Wilson

Codville &Co.

Arthur Congdon & Co.

Fairchild & CO. LTD.

Calgary Colonization Co

Underwood, Thomas

Lee, T. S. C.

Edgar, J. E.

Mewburn, L. T.

Cashman, Dan

Linton, J. C.

Hatfield, T. A.

Morrison, A. K.

Calgary brewing Company

Cross, A. E.

Cushing, W. H.

Cushing Bros Limited

Duggan, C.T.

Allan, T.

Stokey, H.

Burns, John

McDonald, W.

Smyth, A.T.

Hardy, F.W.

G. F. & J Gait

Great West Saddlery Co.

McLary Manufacturing Co.


Bain & Johnson

Osler Hammond & Nanton

G. F. Stephens & Co

Tees & Persse

Ayre, A. J. S

Wheeney, E.J.

Cyose, J.A.

Taylor, E.E.

Ellis & Grogan

C. Kinniburgh & Co.

MacDonald, J. A.


Rosewell & Carson

People’s Co-operative Soc.

Carter, Dave

McBride, E.

C.F. Comer

Eugene Case, Eugene

Honens, H. H.



Extracted by Tracie Rose 2006-11-25