May 13, 1905




Territorial Association Will Present a Fine Collection of Animals Nest Week


On Monday morning the annual exhibition of pure bred cattle, under the auspices of The Territorial Cattle Breeders Association, will be upon us. It is fully expected that on this occasion the show and auction sale, which will be begun on the following day and will continue for three days, will eclipse those of the four preceding years.


A large number of exhibitors came in today and the grounds present a lively scene.


For several days cattle have been arriving at Calgary constantly, and the sight of some very fine bulls, each led by one or two men, has been quite common on the streets leading to the Exhibition grounds.


The development of this annual event has been extraordinary rapid. For instance, two years ago the total sales amounted in something less than $5,000. Last year the total jumped to $29,000, or six times that of the previous year. This year it is believed that the figure will be a large increase over last year. There are 500 entries.


The association has an excellent staff of officers, men of prominence and ability. Peter Talbot, M.P. of Lacombe, is the president; our own John A. Turner is the first vice; D. H. Andrews, of Crane Lake, second vice and C.W. Peterson, secretary treasurer. The breed directors are Hon. W. Beresford, Calgary (Shorthorns); Robert Sinton, Regina (Herefords); R.S. Lake, M.P. Grenfell (Polled Angus): E.D. Adams, Millarville (Galloways) and R.K. Bennett, Calgary (Dairy Breeds).


Dr. Elliot, Commissioner of Agriculture for the Territories and F. W. Hodson, Dominion Live Stock Commissioner, are ex-official directors.


On Monday no time will be lost. J. Davidson, of Balsam, Ont., and D. Anderson, of Rigby, Ont. Will officiate as judges and their work begins at 10 a.m. sharp. The Aberdeen Angus will be the first to be considered, then the Herefords and the Galloways. The judging of the Shorthorns will begin at 2 p.m. in the afternoon.


Messrs, Talbot and Lake are busy attending to their parliamentary duties at Ottawa and will therefore not be present. D. H. Andrews, who has always taken a deep interest in the association, is at present in poor health at Winnipeg and will also be an absentee.


The Association has arranged what is hoped to turn out an interesting and useful feature in the addresses to be delivered in Alexander Hall on Monday night. The list of those who are down for addresses is unusually good. It includes John Dryden, ex-Minister of Agriculture for Ontario, and a veteran enthusiast in all that pertains to well bred animals; R. W. Hodson, of Regina; Duncan Anderson and John Davidson, the judges: Dr. Elliot of Regina; T. N. Willing, chief weed inspector for the Territories, and George Harcourt, superintendent of affairs and institutes. These are all the men of standing in their respective lines and what they will say will doubtless command attention.


Among the contributors:


NAME:                                                      PLACE:

Huntley, P. P.                                             Lacombe

Mencke, W. V.                                           DeWinton

Pulmer, Oswald                                          Lacombe

Ross, John                                                 Medicine Hat

Shouldice, James                                        Gleichen

Sinton, Robt.                                              Regina

Tough, James                                             Edmonton

The Mossom Byod Co.                                Prince Albert

Elliot, Thos.                                               Regina

Morton, John                                             Lacombe

Capron, J.                                                  Blackfalds

McMillan, Thos.                                         Lineham

Perrey, H. N.                                              Cardston

Hammer, W. H.                                          Olds

Industrial School                                         Davisburg

Junes Bros.                                                Milestone

Langrish, Wm.                                           Oxbow

Laidman Bros.                                            Lacombe

Luah, David                                               Saskatoon

Little, John                                                 High River

McClure, W. J.                                           Innisfall

Macfarlane, John                                        Haines

McGill, A. F.                                              Lacombe

McPherson, Hugh                                       Calgary

Paisley, S. W.                                             Lacombe

Peterson, C. W.                                          Calgary

Ramsay, John                                             Priddle

Ried Bros.                                                  Cochrane

Richardson, George                                    Nantans

Robinson, John                                           Innisfall

Searlett, Jas.                                               Innisfall

Sharp, J. and W.                                         Lacombe

Shepherd, David                                         Alameda

Shields, R. J.                                              Okotoks

Stewart, James E.                                       Alameda

Sinton, J. W.                                              Gladys

Talbot, Henry                                             Lacombe

Talbot, P. and Son                                      Lacombe

Talbot, Thos.                                             Lacombe

Tait, P. J.                                                   Canyon

Thompson, John V.                                    Gladys

Turner, Jno. A.                                           Calgary

Vreeland, H~?                                             Innisfall

Wanns~? Edward                                       Springbank

Walters, J. L.                                             Lacombe

Watson~? F. B.                                          Lacombe

Watson, William ~?~                                   Dalesboron

Watson, H. C.                                            Oxbow

Watson, A.J.                                              Oxbow

Willis, Rich. H.                                                     Innisfall

Wilson, James                                            Innisfall

Watson, A. W.                                                      Airdrie

Young, John J.                                                      Alameda

Andrews, J. McK                                       Davisburg

Andrews, W. J.                                          Grierson

Bennet, B. K.                                              Calgary

Horesford, Hon. Wm.                                  Calgary

Bergsteinsson                                             Alameda

Blackwood, A. S.                                        DeWinton

Bolton, A. H.                                              Gladys

Bolton, J. and E.                                         Okotoks

Boyd, Joseph                                              Lacombe

Bratt, Jenne?                                              Milestone

Bralt?, P. M.                                               Regina

Brown, Mrs.?. C.                                        Innisfall

Canadian Land and Ranch Co.                                 Crane Lake

Caswell, Joseph                                          Saskatoon

Caswell, J. J.                                              Saskatoon

Caswell, J. D.                                             Roxthorn

Cope?, Thos.                                              Calgary

Daly?, Wm.                                                Clover???

Davidson, J. F.                                                      Maple Creek

Douglas, J. J.                                             Lacombe

Duncan, Geo                                              Innisfall

Duncan, C. E.                                            Gi?? Ewen

Edgar, T. D.                                               Strathcona

English, S. R.                                             Warwick

Findister?, S. W.                                         Lacombe

Fowler, A. S.                                             High River

Fraser?, Hugh                                             DeWinton

Gorell?, Frank M.                                       Oxbow

Grose?, J. H.                                              Lacombe

Lillie, John                                                 High River

Cheyne, James                                                      Minor Man

Douglas, J. J.                                             Lacombe

McIntosh, A. M.                                         DeWinton


Extracted by Tracie Rose 2006-11-27