Calgary Herald

24 Mar 1905





Harold Employees as Hosts Presentation to Managing Director


The employees of the Harold, in all the different departments, including everyone from the devil up to “Dad” gathered last night for a social evening in the hall in the Harold block. There were a few friends present with their families and a good programme of vocal and instrumental music was given by the Harold “angels” who performly are worthy musicians. P. J. Nolan who was at once time on the editorial staff though he has fallen from grace, and now devotes his time to mere law, was present for old times’ sake and delivered one of his characteristic little talks. Of course it was good.


The principal event of the evening was the reading of an add??? To J. J. Young M.L.A. managing director of The Harold and the presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Young of a parlor cabinrt from the Harold staff.


This was a case of surprise but Mr. Young responded feelingly, thanking the boys for their expressions of good wishes, and for the splendid gift to Mrs. Young and himself.


Following is the programme:


Solo and chorus…”The Maple Leaf” F. W. Tomlinson and H. M. Diggon

Instrumental Duet…Cornet and Mandolin, F. Durwin and S. Young

Song…”Down in the Deep let Me Sleep when I Die” Q. Horafall and A. Booth

Song…The Brave Old Oak” F. W. Tomlinson

Presentation by Ev. D. Marshall

Solo and Chorus…”Hearts of Oak” T. W. Green and H. M. Diggon

Address by P. J. Nolan

Duet…”The Pilot Brave” S. E. Wall and J. D. McAra

Mandolin Solo…S. Young

Song…”It’s all right in the Summer” H. M. Diggon

Solo and Chorus, “The old Red Cradle” J. D. McAra

“God Save the King”

“Good Night Ladies”

Accompanist: A. Booth


The list of Harold employees is given hereunder:


Editorial Department:

Porter,            C.C.                          Editor

Miller,             John                          Editor

Marshall,         Ev. D.                       Reporter

Macdonald,     H. A. R.                     Travelling Representative

Stephen,         Miss. Ethel                 Stenographer


Business Department:

Morton,          Ed.                            Travelling Solicitor

Duimadge,      A. B.                         Accountant

Tomlinson       J. H.                          Treasurer

Chapman        F. J.                          Advt. Solicitor

Tocque                      A.                             Clerk


Job Department:

McAra            J. D.                         Foreman

Walt,              S. E.                        

 Tomlinson,     F. D.

Bell,                J. A.

Scott,             J.

Quinn,            J. G.

Diggon,          H. M.

Pearson,         J.

McKenzie,       F.

Connell,          J. C.

Green,            T. W.

Booth,            A.

Mountain,       W.

Bishop,           S. G.

McLeod          N.

Hunter            “Billie”

Hallett,            Reg.

Machon,         E.


News Department:

Hodson,          S. R.                         Foreman

Cummer,        F.

Smith,            H.

Gibson,           A.

Gabernache,    A.

Horsfall,          Oliver

Durwin,          F.

Harkley           D.

Dancey,          G.


Book-binding Department:

Borland,          L. C.                         Foreman

Young,           S.

Tomlinson,      J. A.


Photo-engraving Department:

Fraser,            Geo. D.                     Photo-engraver



Extracted by Tracie Rose 2006-11-23