Calgary Herald

21 Sep 1906




Drive Along The Irrigation Canal And Through The City-- Luncheon in The Drill Hall.

Fourteen coaches containing the members of the Canadian Manufacturers' association are speeding over the fertile Alberta prairies this morning on their way to Calgary. Their special train will be stopped east of Calgary and those of the party who so desire will be driven into the city in carriages provided for that purpose. This will give the tourists an opportunity to see the largest irrigation enterprise on this continent, as well as an opportunity to observe the crops that can be raised without the use of irrigation. There are some very fine ranches to be passed on the way and the prosperous homes of the ranchers of the Calgary district will give the manufacturers an opportunity to see the class of settlers who are here ready to support their industries.
Countless acres of untilled ground on their journey will also demonstrate the possibilities of the country when settlement is more extensive. The question will naturally present itself to the travellers that if the output of the west is as enormous as it is with this population, what will it be when all the available fertile land is occupied.
Their impressions of the farming and ranching districts through which they will pass on their journey will prepare the visitors for the flourishing city which will greet them after they come in sight of this picturesque valley of the Bow. Passing through the farming district they will suddenly come to the sight of  the city nestling in its natural site, with the Rockies glistening in the horizon. It will make a sight which cannot fail to impress the travellers from the east.
After a drive around the city the guests will be given luncheon in the drill hall. The luncheon will not be a remarkably pretentious one, but at the same time one of which the city will have every reason to be proud.
Short speeches will be delivered by prominent local men after the luncheon. After the manufacturers and the ? who accompany them see the city and its surroundings it should be no difficult matter for the speakers of the occasion to bring home to them the natural advantages of the city as a manufacturing centre.
It is expected the special train will be in Calgary depot by 10.15 in the morning.
Following is a list of the members of the party:
Frank Adams, Adams Bros., Winnipeg; F. B. Allan, the Nonsuch Manufacturing company, Toronto; L. L. Anthes, Toronto Foundry company, Toronto; George W. Armstrong, London Brass Works Co., London; George A. Baker, Flett, Lowndes & Co., Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ballantyne, the Sherwin-Williams company, Montreal, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Beal, the R. M. Beal Leather company, Lindsay; C. H. Beschtel, Beschtels, Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Birks, Henry Birks & Sons, Montreal; Hugh Blain, Ontario Sugar company, Toronto; A. Bodenweiser, Bodes Gun company, Montreal; W. J. Bulman, Bulman Bros., Winnipeg; P. H. Burton, Burton & Spence, Toronto; D. C Cameron, Rat Portage Lumber company, Winnipeg;  Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Campbell, Ryal Screw & Specialty company, Montreal; Mrs. P. D. Campbell, Montreal; W. B. Champ, Hamilton Bridge works, Hamilton; S. H. Chapman, Ontario Wind Engine & Pump company, Toronto; J. A. Christian, J. Christian & Co., Montreal; John and Miss Coates, Ottawa Gas company, Ottawa; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cockshutt, the Cockshutt Plow company, Brantford; Harvey W. and Miss Helen Cockshutt, the Cockshutt Plow company, Brantford; Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Cooke, the Standard Harness company, Orillia; T. R. Deacon, Manitoba Iron Works, Winnipeg; C. Dolph, the Metal Shingle & Siding company, Preston; E. A. Doolittle, the Standard Meter company, Orillia; E. L., Mrs. and Miss Drewry, Redwood breweries, Winnipeg; Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Duffield, John McPherson Co., Ltd., Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Dunn, International Harvester company, Hamilton; L. V. Dusseau, Gendron Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Toronto; S. L. Emerson, Emerson and Fisher, St. John, N.B.; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Fairbairn, Ontario Wind Engine & Pump company, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. F. B. and Mr. J. M. Fetherstonhaugh, Toronto; John Forristal, London &  Petrolea Barrel company, London; Alex J. Fowler, St. John's Milling Co., Ltd., St. John; Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Fraser, Singer Manufacturing company, St. Johns, Que.; W. K. George, Standard Silver company, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Grant, Canadian Pacific railway, Hamilton; Walter R. Gurd, Charles Gurd & Co., Montreal; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Holland, C. A. Holland & Sons Co.,  Winnipeg; William Hood, Blue Ribbon Manufacturing company, Winnipeg;  Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hunt, Hunt Bros., London; Gordon and Miss Nina Hunt, Hunt Bros., London; H. T. Hunter, Maclean Publishing company, Toronto; E. F., Mrs. and Miss Hutchings, Great West Saddlery company, Winnipeg; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jephcott, Dominion Paper Box company, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. James Jephcott, Montreal Lithographing company, Montreal; F. Kent, the Seaman- Kent company, Meaford; H. O. Kerr, the

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