Calgary Herad

4 June 1906





From City Engineers for the Position Vacated by City Engineer Thorold.

The following formidable list of applicants for the position of city engineer is significant of the attention Calgary it attracting all over the continent. There are ten applications from Montreal.
George C. Morgan, 169 Jackson Boul, Chicago.
Sayers, Bamford, Montreal.
Arthur E. Sanderson, Montreal.
John J. Rankin, Inverness.
H. J. Hoffner, Calgary.
H. W. D. Armstrong, Saskatoon.
Alexander Bell, Calgary.
Arthur J. Goodwin, 65 Mansfield st., Montreal.
H. Terry, 129 South Water street, Galt, Ont.
K. B. Ryan, Windsor street, Montreal.
Herbert G. H. Neville, Banff, Alta.
C. L. Dutort, C.E., 26 Bishop street, Montreal.
James Gilbert, 49 Cathcart street, Montreal.
G. J. McLean, 109, Sherbourne street, Toronto.
A. J. McLean, town engineer, Strathcona.
Adam Cranston, Calgary.
Ian McLeish, B.Sc., 60a City Councillors street, Montreal.
Howard Burnlees, M. Inst. C. E., Corry Building, Ottawa.
H. K. Dutcher, 144 Metcalf street, Montreal.
Charles P. Saunders, Tapierville Junction Ry., Lacolle, P.Q.
C. M. Arnoll, Lethbridge.
Frank Smith Jackson, 64, Roncesvalle avenue, Toronto.
Louis A. Thornton, Box 296, Peterboro.
Frank C. Kelsey, Portland, Ore.
Robert W. Fraser, C. E., city engineer, St. Catherines, Ont.
Ernest R. Beckwurth, 434 Lyon street, Ottawa.
A. D. Turnbull, Montreal.
W. C. Sample, Sudbury, Ont.
R. D. Wilson, Elks Club, Winnipeg.
G. Gray Donald, Calgary.
John Lewis Thomas, 43 Victoria st., Toronto.
Hiram P. Stover, Sombra, Ont.
F. J. Hibberd, 168 Burgess street, Montreal.
S. Foster Lepine, Vancouver, B.C.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-11-21