Calgary Herald

6 Jan 1906




The work of the Exhibition directors yesterday afternoon was principally devoted to the selection of a a fair date and it was finally decided that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 10, 11 and 12, were the most suitable dates and these were agreed upon. The directors were in a business mood and arranged for the publication of a prize list early in the next month, and appointed the stewards for the different sections. It is anticipated the publication of the prize list early in the year will have a good effect on the class and number of exhibits.
The following appointments were made: Hon. directors, G. C. Porter and R. C. Edwards.
Chairmen of committees:
Finance-- I. S. G. Van Wart.
Publicity-- W. M. Davidson.
Sports and attractions-- Hon. Wm. Beresford.
Stewards of the different sections were appointed as follows:
Horses-- Col. Jas. Walker, A. E. Cross.
Cattle-- F. H. Wolley-Dod;  J. R. Thompson.
Hogs and sheep-- W. J. Tregillis.
Dogs-- Alberta Kennel Club.
Live stock space-- Hon. Wm. Beresford, John Turner.
Poultry-- E. J. Dewey.
Manufactures-- F. MacBeth, R. J. Hutchings, W. G. Fowler.
Implements-- J. Turner.
Grounds and buildings-- Jas. Hornby.
Arts and industries-- Mayor Emerson, C. P. Marker, R. J. Stewart, Chas. McMillan.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-08-22