Calgary Herald

11 Jan 1906




Last night Moodie and company were hosts at a very pleasant dance given their employees of the Royal, Grand Union and Imperial hotels, and the hockey heroes representing the two first houses.
Everything was nicely arranged and passed off pleasantly, providing those present with one of  the most enjoyable evenings spent for some time. Supper was served at midnight. The Fire Brigade orchestra supplied music for the dancing, which was kept up until a late hour.
The guests were: The Misses Thibault, Mr. and Mrs. Thibault, Mr. and Mrs. Moodie, Mrs. Strong, Mrs. Halliday, Mesdames Bennett, Nihill, Sevendus, Beyers, Mow, Kaiser, Palry, Johnston, Kramer, Lewis, Jamieson, Armstrong, McBain, Smith, Dempater, Scone, Ebert, Metcalf, Carby, Garlick, Dibbs. Messrs. Campbell, Costello, Mitchelltree, Parrot, Aiken, Sutherland Bros., Tivey, Logan, Kettleson, Barker, Stuart, Daniels, Bell Bros., Cassidy, Strong, McIlhargy Bros., McKenzie, Ruttan, Charboneau, Williams, Hale, Carr, Pitchford, Wooding, Jordison, Connell Bros., Corbett, Painter, Kerby, Anderson, Elliott, Bell, Phillips, Gladwin, Dr. Hicks, McQueen Curtis.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-08-22