Calgary Herald

10 May 1906




The manufacturing lumbermen who were in session on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were fairly representative of the mountain mills. Among them were F. W. Jones, of Golden (president); Becker and Staples (Otis), Cranbrook; C. F. Lindmark, Revelstoke; F. E. Sine, Revelstoke; A. Leech, Cranbrook; P. A. Prince, Calgary; C. Du Bois, Fernie; W. A. Dickason, Palliser; W. R. Smith, Palliser; F. W. Robinson, Fernie; W. Adolphe, Cranbrook; T. A. Ludgate, Arrowhead; R. Gibbons, Arrowhead; A. E. Watts, Cranbrook; R. F. Kraptfel, (North Star), Cranbrook; P. Lund, Wardner; F. C. McPhee (Crother's Lumber company), Cranbrook;  G. P. Wells, (secretary), Nelson.
Two visiting mill men from the coast were present: H. De Rencien, Vancouver; P. D. Roe, Vancouver.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-11-21