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29 May 1907




Disapproves of Distributing Mail Matter on the Lord's Day

The first order of business taken up at the afternoon meeting of the Methodist Conference was the electing of a layman and a minister to act as a committee to the general board of missions.
On the first ballot, W. G. Hunt was the layman chosen for the committee, and on the fourth ballot Rev. W. H. Huestis, M.A., was the minister elected.
The treasurer's report was read and adopted.
The report of the annual conference fund was accepted with the amendment to include probationers.
The Sunday school committee's report stated that there were a hundred and forty-eight schools, being an increase of twenty-five over last year. There were 6,637 scholars, showing an increase of 1,548.
It was pointed out in this report that Sunday schools were organized only in a little more than in one-third of the preaching appointments, and the committee thought this could be improved on.
Rev. G. W. Kerby, Dr. A. Melville Scott, Robt. Pearson, and A. B. Cushing were appointed a committee to deal with Sunday school periodicals.

Committee's Reports Adopted.

The report of the committee on the Edmonton church and parsonage fund was read and accepted, as was the report of the contingent fund committee.
The committee on the Pakam hospital reported that they had elected a board of management, composed of Rev. W. J. Howard, of Fort Saskatchewan; F. Smith, of Lamont; A. T. Chambers, Fort Saskatchewan; W. T. Rush, Vegreville; H. R. Smith, Edmonton; C. H. Lanford, Pakam; A. A. Nicholls, Edmonton; Rev. T. C. Buchanan, Calgary; and Dr. J. A. Archer, Lamont.
The treasurer's report of the union church relief fund was read, adopted and recommended to be forwarded to Toronto.
The report of the statistical committee was read and adopted. It showed that $19,084 had been used for building nine new churches, and $11,390 for seven new parsonages. There were 402 preaching places, showing an increase of 45 over last year.

Disapproved of Sabbath Work.

The Sabbath observance committee wished to put on record their unqualified disapproval of the recent arrangements by which His Majesty's mails are collected and distributed on the Lord's Day, and the committee recommended that this protest be forwarded to the proper authorities.
The committee also deprecates the use many Methodists make of this arrangement.
They heartily endorsed the action the Alberta Government has taken on this question.
It was moved by Rev. G. W. Kerby, and seconded by A. Barnes, that the conference express its thanks to the press of Calgary for the assistance rendered during the conference.
It was stated that the exchange of the Methodist church at Spruce Grove for the Presbyterian church at Stony Hill had been consummated.
A. R. Aldridge was elected treasurer of the superannuation fund.
At the evening public service, the Temperance League read several reports.

Not Run According To Law.

One was to the effect that as the bar at Athabasca Landing was not run according to law, the committee recommended that the government be urged to investigate the matter at once.
This same committee deplored the fact that so much gambling was being done in hotels and pool rooms in the province, and asked that the Attorney-General take action in the matter.
The stationing committee handed out the corrected list of stations for the coming year. They are as follows:--

Calgary District.

Calgary First-- George W. Kerby (W. B.), Robt. Pearson, T. C. Buchanan, John McDougall (superannuated), A. T. Wilkinson, C. R. Carscallen, W. H. Wood (left without station), R. L. Morrison.
Calgary Second-- Charles W. Bishop.
Calgary Third-- Alf Moseley.
Glenville-- J. Ingle.
Westbrook-- Henry T. Jarrett.
Airdrie-- Elmore J. Hodgins.
Crossfield-- J. M. Wilkinson.
Carstairs-- George W. Johnston.
Rawdonville-- William Lister.
Springbank-- One wanted.
Banff-- William J. Haggith.
Morley-- Geo. A. Hipkin.
Morley (Indian mission)-- Marchmont Ing.
McDougall Orphanage-- (C. B. Oakley), principal.
Langdon-- James P. Berry, B.A.
Gleichen-- Cyril Easom.

Medicine Hat District.

Medicine Hat-- Allan C. Farrall.
Swift Current-- R. W. Dalgleish, D.D.
Waldeck-- Supplied (A.M.A.L.)
Saskatchewan Landing-- Leonard Allan.
Beverly-- One wanted.
Gull Lake, Supply--  Wm. Bosomworth.
Maple Creek-- Thos. Powell.
Walsh-- Thos. Bell.
Seven Persons-- One wanted.
Buffalo Plains-- Supply (R. H. D.)

Lethbridge District.

Lethbridge-- James M. Harrison.
Lethbridge Second-- One wanted.
Taber-- One wanted.
Huntsville, Supply-- Clarence Mortimer.
Warner-- Supply (R. T. H.)
Macleod-- W. A. Lewis, B.A.
Macleod (South)-- T. E. S. Whitmore.
Pincher Creek-- William R. Seeley.
Lundbreck-- Chas. Bishop.
Springpoint-- One wanted.
Fishburn-- (G. T. C.).
Frank-- Frank Frizzle.

High River District.

Okotoks-- Edward S. Bishop.
Lyneham-- W. Davidson.
Ridgeview-- James Austin.
High River-- T. P. Perry.
Brant-- Supply, J. R. Hayworth.
Arrowhead-- J. W. Roberts.
Reid Hill-- R. N. Clark.
Cayley-- E. T. Scragg.
Stavely-- L. W. Bishop.
Laurence-- (W. H. T.)
Nanton-- L. R. Macdonald, B. A.
Claresholm-- A. B. Argue.
Leavings-- (G. H. McL.)
Rocky Coulee-- L. W. Hidley.
Carmangay--  B. K. Peck.
Bowville-- (J. E. H.)

Red Deer District.

Red Deer-- C. H. Huestis, Leonard Gaetz (superannuated), E. E. Michener, R. O. Joliffe, R. S. Gougley, B.D.
Springvale-- W. M. E. James, M.A., B.D.
Red Deer Industrial Institute-- A. Barnes, Principal.
Evarts-- Supply.
Penhold-- H. M. Oritz..
Innisfail-- G. G. Webber
Markerville--. P. S. McSee.
Milverton-- C. E. Rogers.
Pine Creek-- H. Matthews.
Bowden-- H. M. Mobbs.
Mayton-- (J. McP. W.)
Olds-- J. W. Bruce.
Eagle Valley-- Supply, T. Caldwell.
Didsbury-- Saml. Webster.

Lacombe District.

Lacombe-- H. E. Gordon, B.A.
Blackfalds-- W. W. Saunders, B.D.
Bentley-- J. H. Johnston.
Rimby-- One wanted.
Morningside-- Fred Cook, S. W. Nicholson.
Ponoka-- R. E. Finley.
Ferry Bank-- (J. W. H.)
Valley City-- P. H. Neville.
Battle River-- E. R. Steinhauer.
Bear's Hill-- Missionary teacher.

Stettler District.

Stettler-- A. D. Richard.
Erskine-- Clark Hawley.
Coalbanks-- E. F. Church.
Alix-- E. J. Tate.
Lamerton-- P. G. Sutton.
Whitebrush-- A. T. Carlman.
Mayvrille-- J. W. Freebury.
Paint Earth-- (W. F. D.)
Sullivan Lake-- R. H. M. Bailey.
Red Willow-- R. W. J. Clements.
Sounding Lake-- J. Gilbert.

Wetaskiwin District.

Wetaskiwin-- W. E. Daly.
 Leduc-- C. H. Shepherd.
 Millet-- W. T. Young.
 Pigeon Lake-- (W. L. B.)
 Lewisville-- Albert C. Idle.
 Camrose-- T. Philips and C. Throop.
 Bawlf-- One wanted.
 Daysland-- A. T. Flynn.
 Hasting's Coulee-- One wanted.
 Strome-- R. W.
 Killam-- C. Gookes.
 Sedgwick-- Thomas W. Bateman.
 Merna-- J. C. Kirk.
 Hardisty-- (A. J. L.)
 Ribstone Creek-- (F. B.)
Edmonton District.

Edmonton, McDougall-- Edson E. Marshall.
Alberta College-- J. H. Riddell, D.D., Principal.
Edmonton, Grace--  A. S. Tuttle.
Edmonton, Norwood-- A. J. Law.
Strathcona-- Thomas J. Johnston.
Sturgeon-- W. J. Conoly.
Belmont-- H. Haddon.
Stoney Plain-- Richard Randall.
Edison-- Robert Telfer.
Independence-- (W. W.)
Pembina River-- J. B. Taylor.
White Whale Lake-- T. A. Bowen and N. Priestly.
Athabasca Landing-- C. F. Hopkins.
Peace River--  One wanted.

Fort Saskatchewan District.

Fort Saskatchewan-- W. J. Howard, B.A., D.D.
Beaver Hills-- (A. A. Holger.)
Fairmount-- (W. T. S.)
Clover Bar-- F. J. Johnson, B.D.
Lamont-- J. B. Howard.
Tofield-- C. S. Laidman and (W. J. H.)
Holden-- G. A. Kettlyl.
Victoria-- John M. Whitely.
Galician Mission-- C. H. Lawford, M.D., and (W. H.)

Vermilion District.

Vermilion-- A. R. Aldridge and (R. T.)
Islay-- (J. T.)
Kilscoty-- (G. N. N.)
Battle River Crossing-- (J. K. S.)
Manville-- G. D. Misener.
Innisfree-- David Simpson.
Lavoy-- T. H. Stokes.
Warwick-- F. Claydon.
Vegreville-- W. K. Allan, M.A., B.D.
White Fish Lake-- Robert B. Steinhauer, B.A.
Saddle Lake-- J. Artemus Sellar, B.A.
Good Fish Lake-- (Missionary teacher.)
Clarkville-- F. Fawcett.
Viking-- A. R. Robinson.
It was moved and seconded that the ministers be at their new stations two weeks after receiving notification.



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