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Temperance and Moral Reformers Will Exert Their Influence In Working Through Politics.

Red Deer Advocate:  The large delegation which waited upon the government of Alberta at Edmonton in January last, in the interest of amendments to the license law in the direction of greater restriction, appointed G. W. Smith, of Red Deer, provisional president, and J. D. Blayney, Edmonton, provisional secretary and decided to meet in Red Deer this week to form a permanent organization for the promotion of temperance and moral reform. Pursuant to call, the following delegates, numbering seventy, met at the Oddfellows hall, Red Deer, on Wednesday afternoon, the 26th March, and continued in session until Thursday afternoon:
Markerville- J. Conn, G. R. Discher, K. A. Wilson, G. S. Grimason, J. Daly, T. J.  Davidson.
Didsbury- J. S. Ferguson.
Carstairs- R. S. Whidden.
Springvale- A. W. Willson, C. E. Rogers.
Coalbanks- C. J. Bailey, S. H. Atherton, A. Wilton.
Nanton- J. F. Hunter.
Blackfalds- W. W. Saunders.
Tofield- C. S. Laidman.
Stettler- Mrs. Colley, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Souch.
Bowden- R. W. Prowse, J. B. Howard.
Hornhill- Geo. D. Domoney.
Red Deer- John McVicar, A. C. Farrel, K. S. Bjorkgren, G. W. Smith, A. H. Illsey, Mrs. S. M. Kirk.
Ponoka- R. W. Dalgleish, Rev. K. C. McLeod, R. G. Edwards.
Penhold- James Speakman, J. D. Quance.
Edmonton- Rev. C. H. Huestis, Mrs. C. Ferrier, E. S. Mathers, F. Fulmer, W. L. Hall, A. O. Sproule, A. M. McDonald, F. D. Piche, J. D. Blayney.
Olds- Mrs. J. W. Bruce, Rev. G. R. Lang, S. J .Craig.
Lakeside- Mrs. W. Curry.
Claresholm- Peter Henderson, Louise C. McKinney.
Fort Saskatchewan- John Paul, W. J. Howard.
Clover Bar- W. F. Wilkinson, Jos. Coulter.
Alix- R. C. Walker, Arthur Barner.
Wetaskiwin- W. E. Daly, Ensign Habkirk.
Innisfail- Rev. G. G. Webber.
Daysland- R. E .Finlay.
Strathcona- N. Churchill, A. C. Varnum, Mrs. A. W. Tall.
Calgary- Mrs. J. A. Langlands, Mrs. D. M. Smith, Fred M. Irvine, P. C. Buchanan, G. W. Kerby, Rev. A. Dunn.
Evarts- John Millsson.
Camrose- Thos. Philips.
Valley City- Percy G .Sutton.
Mr. G. W. Smith, Red Deer, was moved to the chair, with Mr. Blayney and Rev. G. G. Webber, Innisfail, as secretaries. The meetings were devoted almost entirely to the organization of the Temperance and Moral Reform league of Alberta, with the adoption of constitution and plans of action, the most important of which was the resolution to appoint a field secretary who will devote his whole time to the work of organizing the polling subdivisions and furthering the work of the league.
Mr. Blayney, in an opening address, entitled "The Purpose and Method of Organization," came down to the practical question as to how the power of  the church and of Christian men and women could be brought to bear in politics.
The church should extend her power to demand the election of Christian and moral men to political positions. Mr. Blayney would have this brought about by aggressive Christian men taking an active part in the party organization, and in the primaries, and fighting there for good men.
He was opposed to the third party plan; he would work through the existing parties by getting satisfactory men from them.
In the evening Rev. C. H. Huestis, of Edmonton, spoke on Christian citizenship. He would still keep up the educational side of having temperance societies, temperance teachings in schools, leagues, etc., and rather inclined to the view that the proper sphere of women was the home and not politics. While keeping ideals in view, he was prepared to accept compromise measures at any time to assist the advance; compromise as to means, never as to end. He favored the government and legislature taking a larger share of responsibility in liquor control.
Jas. Speakman, of Penhold, thought the woman should have a vote. He believed the government had during 1906 tried to give a straight forward administration of the law. He rather favored liquors being divided into two classes---beers and wines in one, and distilled liquors in the other--- with different licenses and regulations of sale.
The constitution adopted provided that the name be " The Temperance and Moral Reform league of Alberta." The purpose of the league was to promote by educational and aggressive effort the growth of temperance sentiment and habit in our province; to promote temperance legislation in the direction of restricting and ultimately abolishing the liquor traffic; to put down gambling and other vices; to secure the stringent enforcement of our laws and endeavor to secure the election and appointment of men of good character and ability for all public positions.
The balance of the constitution was taken up with the basis of representation and membership, the duties of officers,-etc. The most important office is that of field secretary, for the support of which a salary of $2,000 with travelling expenses was voted by the convention. The finances are to be raised by members fees, collections and subscriptions, and by voluntary temperance Sunday in the churches.
The following officers were elected:
President-- J. D. Blayney, Edmonton.
Vice-President-- Thos. Underwood, Calgary.
Secretary-- Rev. G. G. Webber, Innnisfail.
Treasurer: Rev. G. R. Laing, Olds.
Provisional presidents for ridings:
Edmonton-- Rev. A. M. McDonald.
Sturgeon-- Dr. Lawford, Pakan.
Vermilion-- Dr. Rush, Vegreville.
Victoria-- Dr. Archer, Lamont.
St. Albert-- E. H. Ward, Morinville.
Strathcona-- J. H. McDonald.
Leduc-- Rev. T. F. Rickie.
Wetaskiwin-- Dr. Daly.
Lacombe-- H. M. Trimble.
Red Deer-- G. W. Smith.
Innisfail-- T. J. Davidson, Markerville.
Rosebud-- O. S. Moore, Olds.
Gleichen-- Rev. Mr. Fraser, Gleichen.
Banff-- Rev. Mr. Haggitt, Banff.
Calgary-- A. W. Ward.
High River-- Mr. Stockford, Ckotoks.
Macleod-- Jas. McKinney.
Lethbridge-- Rev. W. Reid.
Pincher Creek-- Mr. Evans.
Medicine Hat-- W. J. Brothers.
Cardston-- Dr. Rivers, Raymond.
The other constituencies will have a president appointed by the executive.
These, with Rev. Dr. McQueen, of Edmonton and Mrs. Jas. McKinney, of Claresholme, shall form the executive until the electoral districts are fully organized.
It was resolved that this convention while it commends the government for any advance made in temperance legislation, deeply regrets that the legislature of the province of Alberta did not in any measure accede to the requests of the temperance people for 7 o'clock closing of the bars or the amendments of the local option clauses of the law.

Extracted by J. Kynman.