Calgary Herald

23 Mar 1907




An Excellent Toast List and Some Stirring Speeches Are Made.


Mr. Niblock on the Transportation Question-- Presentation to Senior Consular A. G. Austin.-- Further Reduction in Passenger Rates to Commercial Travellers.

The second annual banquet of Calgary Council, No. 304, United Commercial Travellers of America, was held last evening in the Elks banquet hall, Calgary.
The function was a notable success, the hall being prettily decorated for the occasion, and some fifty guests sitting down to a very choice banquet.
Amongst those present were the following: J. O. Connell, W. Gordon Cunningham, A. H. McKeown, A. Allan, A. G. Austin, J. M. Black, H. W. White, Charles H. Webster, J. E. Proctor, W. J. Holloway, R. G. Bedlington, F. W. Hardy, Geo. R. Pirie, A. T. Linton, R. C. Johnson, V. W. Libby, O. S. Chapin, E. M. McCammon, J. P. Minhinick, F. R. Lyne, D. J. McCutcheon, F. W. Kent, H. H. Donnelly, J. C. Brown, Fred C. Watson, S. S. Savage, C. B. Clarke, J. Bonnycastle, G. F. Priblon, J. D. Moir, J. MacRoss, T. M. Gillillan, F. T. Wright, W. Scott, S. M. Hartronft, J. G. Waldock, S. J. Wetmon, John Trottier, Geo. A. Turner, T. H. Lancaster, F. O. Boulton, J. Young Byers.
A. G. Austin, senior councillor, occupied the chair of honor, and was the recipient of a presentation during the evening.
The toast list was an important one, several statements of interest being made during the evening. Dr. Pirie sang several songs very acceptably.
The following was the toast list, and the replies to the various toasts will be reported fully in a later edition of The Herald: "The King," "Our Country," "Our City," "Transportation," "Financial Institutions," "The Hundred Thousand Club," " Trade and Commerce, " " The Medical Fraternity," "The Press, " " The Ladies."
The king's health being drunk with the singing of the national anthem.
The toast of "our country" was very ably responded to by A. Allan. He drew comparisons between now and some 23 years ago, since which period he had lived in Calgary and seen it grow. Canada and Calgary had only commenced to grow. This period was the country's awakening and the settlers were coming in their thousands, and their millions. He hardly thought the manufacturers were keeping pace with the needs of the development of the west. There had been some tinkering with the tariff but few realized the great growth and needs of the west. Although he was not a native of this country, he now looked upon it as his mother country, and after witnessing the vicissitudes which he had seen in this country for the past 23 years, it was not an easy matter to comprehend its future in 23 years hence. He had only to compare the remarkable growth of the country with the growth of the customs returns at present to five years ago to forcibly demonstrate this. Six years ago the total collections in both Alberta and Saskatchewan were $8,000 to $10,000 monthly, whereas last month Calgary's receipts were over $40,000 alone.
In concluding, he stated that it was the intention of the government to secure the very best class of immigrants, and judging from their efforts he was of the opinion that they were eminently successful.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-08-09