Calgary Herald

30 Jun 1909





Fair Visitors Will Have Opportunity of Seeing Finest Work Ever Exhibited in the West.

From Toronto Mall and Empire;  Lovers of fine art in the western parts of the dominion, realizing that the mediocre productions seen from time to time in the prairie provinces do not represent the best Canadian art, approached the executive of the Calgary Exhibition association and requested them to arrange for an exhibition of pictures at their forthcoming show, on the same scale and standard as the exhibition seen in the east.
The committee of the association readily assented to the proposition, and the result will be seen when the exhibition  opens on July 5. Edward O'Brien, a connoisseur, was asked to get a collection together, and he has succeeded in securing some two hundred and twenty-five paintings, including representative work of Canada's leading painters; also a large number of pictures by eminent English and Dutch artists.

Amongst the Canadian artists who have contributed their works are:- Wm. Brymner, president of the Royal Canadian academy; Franklin Brownell, F. M. Bell-Smith, G. A. Reid, E. Dyonette, W. A. Sherwood, Helen G. McNicoll, Laura Muntz, Mrs. M. H. Reid, F. A. Verner, Geo. Chauvignaud, E. J. Boyd, Clara S. Haggarty, John Hammond, J. C. Franchere,  Clarence E. Gagnon, G. Horner Russell, H. H. Vickers, William St. T. Smith, M. H. Hooker, W. H. Clapp,  W. E. Hunt, A. M. Fleming, Maurice Cullen. The British artists will be represented by B. W. Leader, the eminent landscape painter; Arthur Midy, Dorothy Tennant, Heywood Hardy, F. S. Hutton, Edwin Hayes, Charles Frere, J. H. C. Miller,  J. J. Inglis, W. A. Gibson, A. Melville, Birkett Foster, M. Gidding, W. Manners. The Dutch school will be represented by G. Gampt Kuhntohp, Abraham Storck, W. Weissenbruel, C. Westerback, W. C. Rip, B. de Hoog, Vander-weele, J. Scherreivetz, Van Essen, H. Savoy, Kock-Kook, Van Staaten, E. Farenght, N. Corrodt.
The collection will be the finest exhibition of artistic work ever seen in the western cities.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2007-01-20