Calgary Herald

18 Jun 1909





All are Interested in the Making of Alberta Beautiful-- C.P.R. Will Assist the Towns.

The members of the Calgary Horticultural society who accompanied the "get acquainted" excursion on the trip to Red Deer yesterday, were most successful in their endeavors to organize other societies in the different towns visited for the purpose of making southern Alberta the "province beautiful."

Societies are Formed.

Societies were organized in the following places:
Red Deer-- R. C. Brumpton, A. S. Stevenson, W. J. McLean, G. W. Green, H. L. Gaetz, E. Michener, R. L. Gaetz,  Mayor Botterill, Geo. F. Root and Mrs. Root.
Crossfield-- President, Dr. G. A. Bishop; sec.-treasurer, D. A. McCrimmon; directors, Charles McKay, Geo. Becker, W. B. Armstrong, Dr. Harvey, W. Urquhart, Mrs. N. B. Armstrong, Mrs. B. A. McCrimmon and Mrs. Schumann.
Carstairs-- President, R. Scott; secretary, Dr. L. N. Large; directors, J. B. Stone (other appointments not yet completed).
Didsbury-- President, D. C. Corbett; secretary and treasurer, H. G. Ormond; directors, James Reid, A. T. Ballard, A. G. Stoder, O. W. Hamblin, W. Lissimer, John Lissimer, Dr. Wearb, Mrs. Conheherb, Mrs. Fred Moyle, Mrs. Lackner, Mrs. John Lissimer, Mrs. C. L. Redissin.
Bowden-- President, N. E. Shenfield; secretary and treasurer, G. A. Anderson; directors, G. Hunter, J. Cornish, C. P. Anderson, S. Butler, C. Sorenson, E. A. Shenfield, H. W. Lockhart, S. Arnold, P. F. McClary, T. Lancaster.
Innisfail-- President, T. M. Oldham; secretary and treasurer, Wm. Garvey; directors, G. R. Westland, G. Garvey, G. W. West, P. T. Colter, T. M. Rodgers, W. H. Kemp, D. Mitchell, Dr. Membray, Mrs. W. Garvey, Mrs. Lauder.

C.P.R. Will Assist.

This morning H. E. Lambert, the organizer for the Calgary branch, called on Supt. Niblock, of the C.P.R., and secured his permission to allow the different towns throughout the province to use any available part of the right-of-way for horticultural purposes. Mr. Niblock even went further than that, and said the C.P.R. would assist any town that wished to beautify the grounds along the railway.
Didsbury and Olds have already accepted the offer and will get busy at once.