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9 Sep 1910



Field Competitions In Alberta

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Fife variety, score 87.
Third: W. M. Wilkinson, Macleod, Red Fife variety, score 86.
Other exhibitors were Hugh Mackintosh, Colin Campbell, A. R. McFadden, Purdy Bros., E. O. Wintermute, J. A. Struthers, Ed. Westhaver.
Spring crops are rather light throughout this district on account of the extreme drought. Wild oats are also gaining ground. The showing, however, is very creditable considering the very unfavorable season.
In the oat competition there was one entry only:
First: John Maloney, Macleod, Banner variety, score 78.

Medicine Hat
Agricultural Society.
Judge-- Hugh Mackintosh of Macleod.
The Medicine Hat society held a competition for wheat. There were six entries entries and the awards were:
First: G. H. Lait, Gros Ventre, Red Fife variety, score 90 1/4.
Second: C. Putman, Gros Ventre, Turkey Red variety, score 89 1/2.
Third: J. Robinson, Mophesburg,  Red Fife variety, score 88 3/4.
Other competitors were: W. Putman, of Gros Ventre; A. Wooley, Medicine Hat; G. Grieve, Medicine Hat.
Considering the extreme drought that has prevailed it is remarkable that as good a showing could have been made by these farmers. All the crops were grown on summer fallow.

Raymond Agricultural Society.
Judge-- Thos. H. Woolford, of Cardston.
There were three entries in the winter wheat competition at Raymond:
First: Henry Holmes, Raymond, Turkey Red variety, score 92 1/2.
Second: Brimhall Bros., Raymond, Turkey Red variety, score 90 3/4.
Third: Smith Bros., Raymond, Turkey Red variety, score 89 3/4.
The judge remarked on the large heads noticeable in these crops and the entire absence of smut. Tumbling mustard is rather prevalent through the district and was the chief objection
In the spring wheat competition there were three entries:
First: J. G. Stevenson, Raymond, Red Fife variety, score 85 1/2.
Second: J. F. Salmon, Raymond, Red Fife variety, score 80.
Third: Wm. Spackman, Stirling.
Spring wheat crops are rather light. They are, however, early in maturing.
In the oat competition there were two entries:
First: Henry Holmes, Raymond, Banner variety, score 83.
Second: Wm. Spackman, Stirling, Swedish Giant, score 75.

Sedgewick Agricultural Society.
Judge-- W. C. McKillican, district officer of the seed branch.
The Sedgewick society had competitions in wheat and oats, and had the largest number of competing fields of any society in the province. There were fourteen in wheat and eight in oats, making a total of twenty-two. The prize winners in the wheat competition were:
First: E. N. Swisher, Bellshill, Red Fife variety, score 93 1/2.
Second: Wm. Lowe, Sedgewick, Red Fife variety, score 89.
Third: D. McNabb, Sedgewick, Kharkoff variety, score 88 1/2.
The other competitors were Fred Fisher, of Lougheed; D. McIvor, A. M. McKee, Arthur Bejaul, J. L. Sparrow, W. J. Grey, of Lougheed; P. D. Sinclair, W. I. Sharpe, Geo. Sinclair, Jas. A. Russell, D. A. Bickell, all of Sedgewick, except where otherwise mentioned.
The Stanley variety is very largely grown around Sedgewick but unfortunately a great deal of it is badly mixed with other varieties. There are some fields, however, of fairly pure Red Fife and the one field of Kharkoff was exceptionally pure. The district is exceptionally free from the more noxious varieties of weeds.
In the oat competition the prizes were awarded as follows:
Second: Peter Cunningham, Sedgewick, Banner variety, score 79.
Third: A. M. McKee, Sedgewick, Abundance variety, score 78.
The other competitors were: Geo. Tanton, W. I. Sharpe, P. D. Sinclair, Fred. Fisher, J. S. Sparrow, and Emil Hertberg. The oats made rather a poor showing as compared with the wheat in this district. They are rather light and mixed with other grains.

Vermilion Valley and Beaver Lake.
Judge-- Albert Lougheed, of Bowden.
In the wheat competition at Vegreville there were eleven competitors and the prize winners were:
First: P. Bolan, Vegreville, Red Fife variety, score 83.
Second: C. T. McGowan, Hairy Hill, Preston variety, score 82 1/2.
Third: Julius Felsrow, Hairy Hill,  Preston variety, score 82.
The other exhibitors were: Phil Bechtloff, of Vegreville, P. B. Holden, Vegreville; A. M. Boutillier, of Soda Lake; J. Trimble, of Vegreville; Jos. McCallum, of Beaver Lake; Geo. Hewer, of Soda Lake; Wm. Still, Vegreville; and Robt. Stewart, of Vegreville. Preston seems to be the favorite variety in this locality on account of its earliness. The judge observed some fields that had smut and weeds. The crop on the whole is fairly good.
There were six competitors in the oat competition:
First: Geo. Colby, Vegreville, Abundance variety, score 74.
Second: W. E. Wagner, Vegreville, Tartar King variety, score 73.
Third:  S. A. Kirkwood, Vegreville, score 69 1/2.
Other exhibitors were Jos. Baxandall, Vegreville; C. T. McGowan, Hairy Hill; J. R. O. Wills, Vegreville.
Weeds were rather prevalent among these crops and the land appeared rather loose and soft. Its condition would have been improved by packing.
While the judges are more apt to remark on the weak points, and thus try to remedy them, the good scores allotted show that on the whole a high grade of excellence prevailed all through the competitions. As these competitions were held in all parts of the province they show that no part is without some good crops, and that even in such a season as 1910 good farming will produce a fairly profitable crop in all parts of Alberta.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-01-31