Calgary herald

23 Nov 1910



The social and dance given by Council No. 491 of the Canadian Order of Chosen Friends, which has come to be known as one of the most popular and delightful social gatherings of the season, was held last night in the Eagle hall, and was largely attended, and a great success in every way.
Miss Head and the members of the committee all of whom worked with a will in planning the festivity, have the thanks of every one of the large number present in providing so enjoyable an entertainment.
Some of those present were: Mrs. E. Meade, Miss G. Carmichael, Mrs. Baird, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, and Miss Cartwright, Mises Graham, Miss D. Pearson, Miss Marshall, Miss Dohl, Mrs. Stewart and the Misses Stewart, Miss Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. F. Schartue, Miss P. Smith, Mrs. Ryder, Mrs. Head, Mrs. Passey, Miss Jerion, Miss Peters, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Argo, Miss Emmett, Miss Milton, Miss Whittaker, Mr. Tanner, the Misses Tanner, Miss Wadlow, Mrs. Davidson, Miss Freeze, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. and Miss French, Miss Reddick, Miss Calondear, Miss M. Bell, Miss Jean Begrie, Miss L. Frank, Miss A. Home, Miss Nell Babbit, Mrs. Dick, Miss Jones, Miss P. Smith, J. R. Usher, Mr. Sparrow, H. C. Harris, J. Moffat, G. S. Tapley, S. Fawcett, G. W. Casey, J. O'Neil, A. Murphy, P. Caspar, Mr. Holbrook, A. Smith, A. Gracey, E. Fawcett, Mr. Moore, S. A. Scott, M. D. Enloe, J. Trible, W. Heagle, P. H. Irving, H. G. Butcher, C. F. Burns, J. S. Miller, Harry Attell, E. Branston, H. Thirlwell, G. Jolles, D. W. Lee, J. G. Hambling, R. Boyd, Mr. Rawville, M. Spring, R. W. Cummings, C. R. Milk, J. Cook, H. Schumas, J. L. McLeod, W. R. Wagman, J. R. Taylor, P. Williams and C. Clements.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-02-16