Calgary Herald

22 Mar 1911




Held at Strathmore-- Vacancies on Board of Directors Filled

A meeting of the directors of the Strathmore Agricultural society was held on Saturday, March 18. The number present were: T. O. Watkinson, J. A. Caunneart, H. Sorenson, W. J. Wey, F. W. Schettler and Frank T. McElpoe. The resignation of Charles Chase, John Schultz, H. A. Michaelis and F. Watts were considered and accepted. Moved and seconded that J. W. Waddy be appointed to interview Messrs. George Lloyd and R. McCairn, to ascertain whether or not they purposed acting as members of the board of directors. In order to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of the former directors, the following farmers were nominated: Directors, Professor Elliott, D. F. Boisevain and J. T. Worthington. To fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Chas. Chase, A. Clements was elected a member of the board of directors.
It was moved by W. J. Wey that the board reconsider their motion of  Feb. 4, regarding the acceptance of a $500 bond, signed by Messrs. Schuttler and Waddy. It was moved as an amendment to the motion that the secretary-treasurer be instructed to secure a $1,000 bond from some security company, the expense of which was to be borne by the society. The amendment carried.
The secretary was directed to send a copy of the by-laws of this society to the department of agriculture, at Edmonton.
The exhibit committee afterwards had a meeting, the members present being: T. O. Wilkinson, J. A. Cannaert, Henry Sorensen, W. J. Wey, F. W. Schettler and Frank T. McElhoes.
A report from the committee on heads of departments were read as follows: We respectfully submit the names of the following members of the society as heads of the committees, Horses, W. G. Wey; cattle, Professor Elliott; swine, J. A. Canneart; poultry, J. T. Worthington; horticulture, H. Sorensen, and T. O. Wilkinson; educational department, Mrs. A. H. Haines; dairy department, D. F. Boisevain and Mrs. M. E. Six was nominated as head of the committee in the women's department. This report was accepted and approved of unanimously.
The adjourned meeting of board of directors was then held. Report of exhibit committee was received and passed unanimously. Committee adjourned, to meet again at the call of the secretary.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2009-05-31