Calgary Herald

31 May 1911




The Alberta conference of the Methodist church concluded its labors somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 o'clock this morning, and today the various delegates have returned-- "each to his own place."
At the afternoon session the report of the Sunday school committee was presented and adopted. The report showed that there were 11,863 members of the Sunday schools to date, this being an increase of 1,913.

General Mission Fund
The report of the general mission fund was presented and showed that the amount which had been collected during the past twelve months was $19,789, an increase of $387 over the preceding year.
A number of returns were handed in, showing that great progress had been made in all departments.
The number of church members in the province at present is 11,863, which shows an increase of 1,213 over last year. The funds which have been subscribed for general mission purposes during 1910 amount to $19,789, or $ 387 more than subscribed last year for the same purpose. The commercial fund amounted to $38,518.
Twenty-five new churches have been built in the province during the past year, and eighteen parsonages were erected.
A motion was passed to the effect that a monthly magazine should be published in the Stettler district, which should serve as the organ for the Methodist church in Alberta.

Hospital at Lamont
A proposition to establish a hospital at Lamont, was carried unanimously.

Evangelistic Committee Report

The evangelistic committee reported that the firm of McGrath and Holgate, of Edmonton, had undertaken the entire support of a third evangelist, and that this post had been filled by the Rev. A. E. Russell.

Vote of Thanks to Press.
On the motion of Rev. W. G. Kerby, the conference passed a unanimous vote of thanks to the press of the city.
"Never before," said Mr. Kerby, "has such attention been paid to this conference, and never before have the reports been so carefully written. I have much pleasure in moving a most cordial vote of thanks to the press."
The stationing committee did not submit their final draft to the conference and when it was presented the number of changes which had been made were few in number.
The final draft is appended:
Springbank-- M. Ings.
Banff-- J. H. Johnson.
Shepard-- G. A. H.
Brooks-- H. Fisher.
Walsh-- W. E. F. Smith.
Burdette-- J. Nightingale.
Lone Star-- J. R. Barker.
Kipp-- D. Plumber.
Ridgeview-- G. Backus.
Cayley-- O. Mann.
Stavely-- R. T. Harden.
Olds-- A. B. Argue.
Carstairs-- Dr. Wilson.
Airdire-- W. J. Howard.
Innisfail-- E. T. Schragg.
Blackfalds-- H. Mutton.
Red Willow-- F. Bushfield.
Provost-- R. Swinnerton.
Provost-- W. W. Sunders.
Viking-- R. J. Merrian
Strathcona-- R. H. Leitch.
Fort Saskatchewan-- E. J. Tate.
Kilscoty-- J. C Anderson.
The conference concluded with prayer.
Barns-- John W. Miller.
Carmangay-- Prosper H. Neville.
Macleod District.
Macleod-- Ed. E. Bishop.
Macleod South-- A. J. Goodson.
Grain Belt-- K. H.
Claresholm-- J. M. Harrison, R. K. Peck.
Claresholm (Scandinavian)-- One wanted.
Pincher Creek-- Robt. E. Finlay.
Fishburn-- Edy Magee.
Cowley-- T. T.
Livingstone-- Geo. Edwards.
Bellevue-- W. H. Irwin.
Frank-- W. T. Young.
High River District.
High River-- Jas. P. Berry.
Okotoks-- Geo. G. Webber.
Lineham-- C. Passmore.
Ridgeview-- E. H. Bachus.
Brant-- H. J. B.
Arrowwood-- Peter Thompson.
Queenstown-- S. B. P.
Champlin--  H. J. G.
Cayley-- O. Mann.
Nanton-- To be supplied.
Parkland-- M. B. Paul.
Stavely-- R. T. Hardin.
Olds District.
Olds-- A. B. Argue.
Westerdale-- Robt. Simons.
Eagle Hills-- F. E. W.
Carston-- Didsbury-- T. A. Wilson.
Bancroft-- J. L. J.
Acme-- J. Houston.
Irricana-- R. Calais.
Crossfields-- William A. Smith.
Bottrell-- H. T. Jarrett.
Audrie-- W. J. Howard.
Glenville-- G. A. H., J. A. McCubbin.
Red Deer District.
Red Deer-- Robert Pearson, Charles H. Huestis, James R. Earle, Robert S. Longley.
Indian Industrial Institute-- Arthur Barner.
Springvale-- Thomas A. Bowen.
Coalbanks-- S. P. Coatsworth.
Penhold-- John Place.
Innisfail-- E. T. Scragg.
Markerville-- G. G. P. Wybbus.
Raven-- V. M. G.
Knee Hills Valley-- Jens E. Larson.
Lakeview-- T. F. Lund.
Bowden-- Fred M. Davies.
Lacombe District.
Lacombe-- Fred W. Locke, R. W. Dalgleish.
Blackfalds-- H. J. Munton.
Bentley-- Henry Haddon.
Rimby-- R. E. Newman.
Ponoka-- G. F. Driver.
Clive-- Lauchlin R. MacDonald.
Alix-- W. J. Whelan.
Battle River-- Robert S. Steinhauser.
Stettler District.
Stettler-- J. F. Wordsworth.
Success-- To be supplied.
Rumsay-- A. F. Brink.
Hand Hills-- E. L.
Red Willow-- F. Bushfield.
Donalda-- T. H. Wells.
Bashaw-- W. B. S.
Botha-- Gadsby, Charles H. Johnson.
Halkirk-- J. E. Ball.
Long Lake-- W. J. Cordwell.
Castor District.
Castor-- Melville E. Wiggins.
Wabash-- Percy Halstead.
Haneyville-- A. T. Dunn.
Richdale-- I. N. H.
Hamilton Lake-- I. H. Elliott.
Eusleigh-- T. J. Stainton.
Willow Brook-- J.  M. F.
Meridian-- F. C.
Chinook-- H. G. Smith.
Wetaskiwin District.
Wetaskiwin-- Albert R. Aldridge, Charles S. Laidman.
 Leduc-- To be supplied.
 Millet-- Charles H. Shepherd.
 Pigeon Lake-- C. S. S.
 Battle Lake-- R. J. Rice.
 New Norway-- Harry Peters.
 Camrose-- Austin D. Richard.
 Edberg-- Ira J. Snook.
 Banff-- E. Kwnerell.
 Banff-- E. K. Swenerton.
 Daysland-- John N. Kilkinson.
 Hasting's Coulee- J. R. G.
 Pleasington-- L. Lougheed.
 Sedgewick-- W. L. Bradley.
 Merna-- C. E. R.
 Hardisty-- T. D. Jones.
 Huenden-- H. S. B.
 Metiskow-- J. G. R.
 Provost-- W. W. Saunders.
Wainwright District.
Wainwright-- Thomas Philps, Thomas W. Bateman..
Edgerton-- D. W. Pomeroy.
Irma-- Frank E. Boothroyd.
Jarrow-- W. S.
Kinsella-- S. P.
Viking-- R. J. Merriam.
Holden-- R. H. Brom.
Tofield-- Samuel Nicholson.
Hound Hill-- E. F. K.
Edmonton District.
Edmonton-- McDougall, James E. Houghson, George W. Sparling, Frank Hustler, A. W. Cooke, A. C. Farrell; Alberta College, John H. Riddell, A. D. Miller.
Edmonton, Grace--  Thomas Powell.
Edmonton, Wesley--  Joseph Couther.
Edmonton, Norwood--William A. Lewis.
Edmonton, Austrian--W. H. Pike.
Edmonton, Calder-- J. McP. W.
Edmonton, Rundle--R. C.
North Edmonton-- C. J. Barley.
Strathcona-- R. H.Leitch.
Strathcona East-- To be supplied.
Sturgeon-- P. S. Parrott.
Edison-- Thomas H. Dole, C. J. Sprak.
Paddle River-- G. A. K.
Pine Ridge-- A. Y. Houghton.
Stony Plain-- C. E. Powell.
White Whale Lake--  Robert J. Clements.
Tomahawk-- R. C. T.
Rexboro-Entwhistle-- D. Telfer.
Edson-- To be supplied.
Hinton-- D. S.
Athabasca Landing-- J. Heywood.
Lesser Slave Lake-- F. L. Woodworth.
Grand Prairie-- Charles F. Hopkins.
Saskatoon Lake-- A. T.
Dunnegan-- R. J. R.
Fort Saskatchewan District.
Fort Saskatchewan-- E. J. Tate.
Beaver Hills-- H. W.
Androssan--G. A. S.
Clover Bar-- W. J. Conoly.
Lamont-- W. G. Shaw, J. H. Heward.
Chipman (Austrian)-- J. K. Smith.
Victoria-- R. R. H.
Fish Creek-- J. Stranaghan.
Andrew (Austrian)-- C. W. W. Ross.
Smoky Lake (Austrian)-- ? G. Sutton.
Myrtle Creek (Austrian)-- W. J. Hampton.
Vermillion District.
Vermilion-- Elmore J. Hodges, Robert H. Davis.
Wellsdale-- M. H. Hawila.
Landanville-- J. L.
Dewberry-- William Nicholson.
Kilscoty-- J. C. Anderson.
Fairhaven-- C. E.
Nanville-- M. H.
Creighton-- George McConnell.
Innisfail-- To be supplied.
Lavoy-- One wanted.
Warwick-- H. N. Hornby.
Vegreville-- George D. Armstrong.
Good Fish and White Fish Lake-- R. Tarr.
Saddle Lake-- J. Abraham Setler.
Robinson-- Walter Allen.
Clarkville-- J. E.
Maple Creek  District.
Maple Creek-- W. H. Seeley.
Clipworth-- H. A. Whaley.
Piapot-- F. F.
Longworth-- H. J. A.
Leithville-- J. E. Luckstar.
Banis-- To be supplied.
Gull Lake-- R. Charlton.
Webb-- H. V. E.
Beverly-- W. A. Fuller.
Hodgeville-- A. A.
Morse-- I. L. Coles, C. E. T.
Aerberg-- H. H. Kerley.
Walleck-- F. Passmore.
Messadville-- R. H. W.
Bellfield-- M. I. B.
Wollard-- A. Hill.
Swift Current-- T. J. Johnston.
White Mud-- To be supplied.

Extracted by J. Kynman. 2009-07-03