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18 Apr 1912




Largest Number of Entries in History of Affair-- Keen Competition in Judging

MACLEOD, April 18.-- With a record list of entries and a great improvement in the quality of animals shown, the horse show of this year, which was held on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week may be considered from all points of view the best in the history of the city. While the attendance was not as large as might be expected, being confined almost wholly to exhibitors, yet the interest on the part of these men was of the kind that augurs well for the improvement of stock, which is the prime object of the show. All the classes were well filled and the competition was very keen, the judges having considerable difficulty in placing the ribbons. In all there were 173 entries this year compared with 99 at the show a year ago. On the first day the heavy classes were the chief attraction, while on the second and last day the light animals were judged.
The Ribbon Holders.
The list of the winners of the prizes is as follows:
Clydes, 4 years old and over-- Harvietown Favorite; 2nd, King, W. Damon.
Stallion, 3 years old-- 1st, Scotland's Cornet, A. E. Dollar; 2nd, Scotland's Challenge, A. E. Dollar.
Stallion, 2 years old-- 1st, Alberta Chief, A. E. Dollar; 2nd, Alberta Sentinel, A. L. Dollar.
Mare, 2 years old and over-- 1st, Jean Miller, J. R. McLean; 2nd, Starlight, F. A. Adams.
Grade mares-- 1st, Bess, Stewart ranch; 2nd, Flavy, Damon.
Champion Clyde Stallion-- 1st, Alberta Chief, A. L. Dollar, winner of Great Britain and Ireland medal.
Shires, 4 years old and over-- 1st, Forest Chief, F. L. Shroeder; 2nd, Desford Extra Choice, J. Orr.
Stallion, 2 years old-- Lance Corporal, W. Damon.
1911 stallion, Silver King, W. Parker.
Mare 3 years old and over-- Holdenby Trembine, W. Parker.
Mare 2 years old-- Silver Queen, W. Parker.
Percherons 4 years old and over-- 1st, Habitus, J. L. Drewry; 2nd, Janby, Mr. Brewster.
Stallions two years old-- 1st, Pontiac, J. L. Drewry; 2nd, Kanot, J. R. McLean.
Mares 3 years old-- 1st, Irene, J. R. McLean; 2nd, Janette, J. L. Drewry.
Mare 2 years old-- 1st, Kometa, J. A. McLean; 2nd, Violet, J. Hodge.
Filly 1911-- Rosetta, J. L. Drewry.
Grade mares-- 1st, Bell, J. Hodge; 2nd, Maude.
Skelding heavy grade foals-- 1st, Nancy, (Steward ranch; 2nd, Flora, J. R. McLean.
Champion stallion Percheron-- Habitus, J. L. Drewry, champion.
Mare Percheron-- Irene, J. L. Dewdney.
Prominent Horsemen.
In the Clydes A. L. Dollar carried off most of the honors, having five winners, with J. R. McLean second with two winners and F. A. Adams Steward Ranch and W. Damon with one winner each. Mr. Damon's 2-year-old stallion Alberta Chief was the champion Clyde stallion and carried off the Great Britain and Ireland medal. In the Shire classes W. Parker won three prizes and F. L. Schroeder, J. Orr and W. Damon had one winner each. J. L. Drewry was very much in the front in the Percheron section and won three prizes, his four-year-old Habitus taking the prize for champion stallion. J. R. McLean won four prizes in the Percherons, J. Hodge two and Murphy Bros., Mr. Brewster, George Skelding and the owners of the Steward ranch had one honor each. The judge of  the light classes was Mr. Campbell of the Medicine Hat experimental farm, and heavy class Mr. Rawlinson of Innisfail.
The patrons of the show are: P. Burns, A. E. Cross, Supt. Primrose, Robt. Patterson, M.P.P., Malcolm McKenzie, M.P.P., Judge A. A. Carpenter and John Herron. Mayor Stedman is the honorary president, E. P. McNeil the president, S. Derinzie the first vice-president and J. R. McLean the second vice-president.
The breed directors are: Clydesdales, W. Damon; Shires, W. A. Jackson; Percherons, J. C. Drewry; Suffolk Punch, Wm. Parker; coach breeds, S. Derenzie; standard breeds, S. Derenzie; Hackneys, G. M. Proud; thoroughbreds, J. Franklin; carriage, J. B. McLean; roadsters, A. L. Leather; saddle horses, H. H Becker; ponies, A. T. Leather; agricultural, E. F. Cummins; Heavy draft, E. F. Cummins.

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