Calgary Herald





The Easter season brings with it the horse show, which bids fair to be more of a success than ever. All the province is interested and demands for boxes are received from all points. Calgary hostesses are preparing to entertain largely card during the show week and numbers of visitors are expected. A large contingent from the capital will come down. Boxes have been taken for Lieut.-Governor Bulyea, Premier Sifton and members of the cabinet.
Hon. Senator and Mrs. Lougheed, who are at present in Ottawa, will return in time to be present and have reserved a box. R. B. Bennett is also expected in town, and has a box. Mayor Mitchell has another. Other box holders are: Col. Walker, I. S. G. Van Wart, Toole and Peet, Baron Roels, P. J. Nolan, A. W. Pryce-ones, L. K. Kerr, W. R. Hull, W. L. T. Berkinshaw, Mr. Telfer, Mrs. J. J. Young, George Lane, O. Critchley, H. L. Mewburn, A. J. Sayre, A. Price, J. S. Dennis, J. P. J. Jephson, F. W. Ings, A. M. Grogan, The Shack, The Priory, E. W. Saunders, J. A. Robertson,  P. Burns, L. T. Mewburn, E. W. MacMillan, Mrs. F. J. Green, Mrs. A. A. McGillivray, E. M. Adams, G. E. Goddard, C. R. De la Vergne, D. G. Campbell, A. Metcalfe, R. R. H. Saunders, W. R. Markley, J. H. Mapes, W. J. Tregillus, J. Laycock, A. Morrison, F. C. Lowes, I. G. Ruttle, O. E. Brown, H. T. Whittemore, H. S. McLeod, D. J. Young, George F. Pull, J. H. Woods, L. P. Strong, W. J. Watson, A. J. Sayre, C. R. Lindner, James Findlay, Jno. Black, S. Boulton, M. D. Geddie and E. L. Richardson.
The new horse show building was completed last August and the accommodations this year will excel in every way, as the building is the largest of the kind in Canada. The reserved seat plan will open at Young & Kennedy's book store on April 1.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2011-04-11