Calgary Herald

1 May 1912



Half Million for Victorian Order

A special appeal for funds is being made by her royal highness the Duchess of Connaught to augment the fund raised by Lady Minto in 1902 for the Victorian Order of Nurses.
The need for nurses and for cottage hospitals, all over Canada is a very urgent one, and with the ever-increasing growth of the country the demands for nurses get more pressing every day. The Victorian Order has been doing all that was possible with the means at its disposal and the increase in their work is really remarkable. In 1898, the first year, there were 16 nurses, 673 patients and 38,080 visits were paid. In 1911 there were 191 nurses, 19,922 patients, and 152,373 visits were paid.
These facts alone point to how great the need is and it is to enable this work to be further developed and its scope enlarged that H. R. H. has decided to make this appeal to all the people of Canada. It is hoped to raise $500,000, the interest from which sum carefully invested would enable the order to extend its good work to the small towns and scattered districts, where at present the sick and suffering are often entirely uncared for.
Any subscriptions will be gratefully received by Miss Pelly, lady in waiting, Government House, Ottawa. Among the subscribers are the following:
Sir Henry Pellatt, Mr.Andrew Carnegie, Lord Mount Stephen, $5,000 each.
Sir William MacDonald, $3,000.
Sir Donald Mann, Sir William MacKenzie, Colonel and Mrs. Gooderham, $2,500 each.
Sir Edward Clouston, Sir Edmund Osler, $2,000 each.
H. V. Meredith, R. B. Angus, Lady Drummond, H. S. Holt, Anonymous, Messrs Birks and sons, $1,000 each.
Mrs. Vanderbilt, T. C. Keefer, Lorne McGibbon, Sir Montague Allan, Anonymous, Hugh Paton, Dr. James Douglas, Henry Joseph, Hon. George Perley, Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, H. K. Egan, Mr. Boothey, E. F. Hebdon, Sir Edmund Walker, E. R. Wood, $500 each.
J. F. Booth, Nathaniel Curry, $300 each.
The lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, F. W. Thompson, Colonel F. S. Meighen, A. Baumgarten, John Ross, Hon. James A. Lougheed, A. E. Ogilvie, D. R. Wilkie, W. D. Matthews, Hon. Adam Beck, Hamilton Gault, $250 each.
J. S. Ewart, Rt. Hon. R. L. Borden, W. C. Bate, F. D. Ross, Hon. W. T. White, H. F. McLachlin, R. J. Christie, J. C. Brennan, $200 each.
F. E. Meredith, C. Berkley Powell, $150 each.
F. L. Wanklyn, Mr. and Mrs. George L. Burn, Mr. and Mrs. R. Gill, $125 each.
Col. C. A. Ellot, Alfred Fripp, M.P., C. Meredith, T. Chase Casgrain, C. C. Ballantyne, J. Gilmour, Col. George Sweney, Collingwood Schreiber, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Miller, Col. McLean, Hon. Frank Oliver, Col. A. P. Sherwood, H. R. McGiverin, Hon. A. E. Kemp, A. R. Creelman, George H. Gooderham, J. Burland, D. Murphy, Dr. and Mrs. Montizambert, Mrs. Sloane, Z. A. Lash, Robert Reford, J. Roberts Allan, A. B. Duncan, George Drummond, T. J. Drummond, Victor Mitchell, Mrs. Vanderbilt, Hon. Frank Cochrane, Mr. Turnbull, Hon. W. Owens, Dr. and Mrs. Peterson, P. D. Ross, Mr. Justice Cassels, E. H. Bronson, Messrs. Henry Morgan, Graham Dunlop, Sir F. Borden, The Ottawa Electric company, Col. Irwin, Farquhar Robertson, Dr. G. E. Armstrong, H. Fleming, Judge H. Archambeault, A. W. Austin, J. Carruthers, A. E. Ames, C. Barnard, George H. Smithers, C. H. Cahan, Col. Stimson, Hume Blake, Mr. Bennett, M.P., Mrs. E. H. Botterell, J. B. Learmont, G. E. Farquier, Messrs. Norton Griffiths, P. P. Cowans, Aikenhead Hardware Ltd., Mrs. Widener, B. T. Rogers, Jordan Mott, Robert Bickerdike, W. D. Beardmore, $100 each.
W. R. Baker, Col. Lowther, E. L. Newcombe, G. W. Farrell, John Christie, Hon. Wm. Gibson, W. K. George, Mr. and Mrs. Southam, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Wilson Southam, Sir John Alexander Boyd, Edward and W. S. Maxwell, M. J. Pourpore, H. H. Stevens, M.P., Bryce Allan, Mrs. C. Roswell Fisher, Sir Charles Moss, Andrew Allan, Col. the Hon. Sam Hughes, Hon. John  Ellis, H. Stikeman, Sir Glenholme Falconbridge, A. G. Blair, C. J. Jones, R. Blackburn, Mrs. Cawthra, Dr. and Mrs. Roddick, Hon. J. D. Hazen, W. Mulock, D. Forbes Angus, "Friend of the Cause," Mr. and Mrs. C. Growksi, F. B. Featherstonhaugh, Hon. Robert Jaffray, G. R. Crowe, Lady Hickson, W. M. Dobell, T. C. Bate, $50 each.
Mrs. A. Browne and Miss Labatt, $30.
General MacDonald, Dr. James Mills, A. G. Parker, Dr. Sterling Ryerson, the archbishop of Ottawa, J. M. Countney, Col. Maunsell, W. M. Gorman, M.P., Sir A. Lacoste, Senator Wilson, James A. and Miss Robb, Charles Magee, H. B. Cassils, W. F. Nickle, M.P., Col. E. W. B. Morrison, Miss H. Aimee Budden, Judge MacTavish, J. D. McDougal, Messrs. Castle and Son, Dr. Adam Shortt, George Hyde, Hon. George Taylor, Sir Charles Fitzpatrick, Mrs. E. N. Heney, Captain Newton, Dr. Macphail, Hon. J. A.Ouimet, G. H. Balfour, Sir Joseph Pope, Hon. N. A. Belcourt, Dr. Walter Chipman, R. W. Brock, L. J. Tarte, Owen N. Evans, A. F. Riddell, Dr. J. I. Chabot, M.P., Dr. D. Allan, Fayette Brown, Hon. F. L. Belque, A. Macnider, John G. Foster, H. Richardson, Hon. C. Doherty, C. W. Lindsay, W. S. Andrews, F. Osler, J. F. Orde, Mrs. A. Baldwin, Hon. Hewitt Bostock, J. R. Smith, Hon. J. D. Reid, Anonymous, E. J. Dignum, H. Birkett, H. C. Osborne, Robert Minnes, Herbert Ames, A. D. Durnford, Lady Hingston, Mrs. W. J. Buchanan, H. A. Ekers, G. A. Greene, Mrs. J. H. Peck, John Cawthra, Hon. Martin Burrell, Hon. Richard Turner, C. E. Neil, H. W. Beauclerk, R. S. Lake, H. C. Hammond, J. B. McLean, Mgr. P. Stagut, J. C. Grant, $25 each.
MacKenzie King, Col. Crawford, Fred Toller, Sir W. O. Meredith, W. F. Cockshutt, M.P., Dr. Webster, J. Huggart, M.P., D. Nicholson, M.P., Mr. Justice Anglin, Duncan MacPherson, Herbert Wallis, Hon. W. B. Nantel, Hon. L. P. Brodeur, Professor and Mrs. Ramsay Wright, General Otter, W. Batto, Mrs. A. W. Grasett, Mr. Justice Idington, H. D. Gamble, Mrs. Dale Harris, Morley Donaldson, Hon. Charles Archer, Hon. Dr. Sproule, $20 each.
Col. MacDonald, Col. Biggar, Miss Frances Abbott, Thomas Beattie, M.P., Gerald V. White, M.P., R. M. Coulter, Edward S. Houston, Mrs. A. Blair, Miss Bertha Cochrane, Mrs. A. H. Campbell, Admiral Kingsmill, R. A. E. Greenshields, $15 each.
D'Arcy Scott, P. B. Taylor, C. Stanton, James Barclay, Hon. F. D. Monk, W. J. Gerald, Mrs. J. A. Gillespie, Lady Caron, E. M. Lancaster, M.P., Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux, Dr. Bonar, Colin Campbell, George A. Campbell, C. Morphy, M.P., Mr. Power, Sir James Grant, Michael Clark, M.P., Hon. L. G. Power, D. Mafsfall, M.P., Miss A. K. McDougall, A. D. Blackader, Allan MacKenzie, Mr. Justice Cross, E. M. MacDonald, M.P., the mayor of Toronto, J. D. Oppe, Kenneth Drinkwater, Messrs. Benson and Hedges, Colonel Carleton Jones, Victor Cawthra, A. H. Harris, C. J. Brooke, Miss Jessie McDougall, Mrs. Hayter Reed, P. Hara, M.P., Hon.G. D. Dessaulles, the bishop of Montreal, Charles E. Moyse, F. Adams, Fred C. Finley, Edward Still, Dr. Doughty, E. Nesbitt, Colonel Butler, P. Baskerville, H. Blekford, Shirley Ogilvie, Travers Allan, Miss Frances Campbell, John McDougall, Arthur Plimsoll, $10 each.
Mrs. Gemmill, J. A. Clayton, Gordon Strathy, Mr. Murphy, M.P., W. D. Gwynne, W. E. Phillpotts, N. O. Cote, Colonel Fiset, Miss Christina Davidson, Mr. Warnock, M.P., C. Halloran, M.P., Miss A. Wheeler, W. A. Buchanan, M.P., Mrs. W. T. Angus, A. E. Corrigan, M. D. Grant, W. O. Kay, M.P., Hugh Guthrie, Mr. McLean, M.P., Mrs. Douglas Armour, D. Henderson, M.P., J. A. Currie, M.P., Lt.-Col. Heward, F. Colson, J. A. Currie, R. McDougall, Senator Choquette, Mrs. H. Baby, S. J. McLean, Dr. Byers, Mrs. Boxer, F. Chadwick, Col. Dunbar, John L. Willis, H. B. Northwood, Henry MacLeod, F. S. Checkley, $5 each.
Colonel Jarvis, $3.
James Dunnet, H. R. Meredith, $2 each.
Madame Amos, $1.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2011-06-14