Calgary Herald

11 Jun 1915



Law Society Examinations

The results of the first intermediate, second intermediate and final examinations of the Law Society of Alberta, held in April last by the University of Alberta, on behalf of the Law society, have now been announced by the benchers through Chas. F. Adams, the secretary of the society, and the following medals and prizes have been awarded:

Gold medals to both Geo. H. Steer, M.A., with Messrs. Rutherford, Jamieson & Grant, Edmonton, and Percy A. Carson, B.A., with Messrs. Clarke, Carson & Macleod, Calgary, each of whom received a total of 1,021 marks or an average percentage of 85.08.

The Carswell Co., Ltd., prize to J. R. McClure, with Messrs. Short, Ross, Selwood & Co., Calgary, and the Edward Thompson company prize to Geo. H. Van Allen, with Messrs. Griesbach, O'Connor & Co., Edmonton.

Final examinations (arranged in alphabetical order, and not in order of merit):
Writing at Edmonton:-- A. C. Bury, L. Y. Cairns, A. R. Cameron, C. G. Corneille, Miss L. R. Clements, J. R. Drysdale, W. R. Howson, H. T. Logan, A. M. Mowat, T. J. McKenty, C. G. Purvis, Cecil Rutherford, C. J. Smyth, George H. Steer, C. O. Turgeon, Geo. H. Van Allen and G. Wood.

Writing at Calgary:-- J. B. Barron, P. D. S. Broad, P. A. Carson, C. A. Coughlin, R. N. Edmanson, E. E. Freeman, L. F. Fitch, E. L. Harvey, W. F. Ingpen, J. R. McClure, J. J. O'Connor, W. J. Reilley and H. F. Stow.

Second intermediate examinations (arranged in alphabetical order, and not in order of merit):--
Writing at Edmonton:-- J. W. Aylward, A. P. Barrett, F. C. Casselman, H. S. Coulter, W. D. Craig, H. J. Dean, L. S. Fraser, J. A. Gordon, C. C. Muller, J. A. MacKenzie, R. W. Speers and J. K. Wilson.
Writing at Calgary:-- D. E. Bell, John Boyd, F. L. Burnet, W. M. Crockett, A. M. DeLong, H. H. Dinning, W. G. Egbert, H. B. Fraser, A. Lannan, J. A. Livingstone, W. A. Low, W. F. Martindale, O. H. E. Might, J. D. Macleod, A. C. MacWilliams, S. H. Nelson, W. E. Simpson, W. G. Soltan, J. A. Valiquette.

Passed in common law only:-- J. G. Porter.
Passed subject to a supplemental examination in the subjects mentioned:-- J. J. Kelly (criminal law), H. B. Robinson (evidence),  and J. Vaseleosk (criminal law).

First intermediate examinations (arranged in alphabetical order and not order of merit):--
Writing at Edmonton:-- C. L. Beck, E. V. Bellamy, Norman Blue, J. F. Buckley, L. S. Cutler, F. G. Day, C. V. Doherty, T. E. Garside, A. T. Glanville, N. L. Harvey, H. S. Hurlbert, J. E. Knott, T. W. Lawlor, M. J. Lieberman, S. H. McCuaig, R. M. Robertson, H. H. Valens, V. E. Way and T. H. Wells.

Writing at Calgary:-- F. M. Brady, E. C. Bridges, T. B. Devaney, N. D. Dingle, J. M. Gleason, J. W. Moyer, F. C. McKenna, A. J. Robertson, W. R. Sandercock, J. W. Sleight, C. E. Smith, R. M. Spankie,  J. J. Tighe and L. A. Walsh.

Passed subject to a supplemental examination in the subjects mentioned:-- F. G. Beaumont (constitutional law), J. G. Harvie (constitutional law).

As the individual marks have not yet been received by the secretary, he is unable to compile the list in order of merit, but the individual students will be notified in due course of their respective standing.




Extracted by J. Kynman 2008-05-11