Calgary Herald

8 June 1916




Gordon Egbert of This City Wins Law Society's Gold Medal


Second Place Prize is Also Won by a Calgary Man

Within a few days the number of barristers in the province will have been increased by 23, of which number 10 reside in Calgary. It is also worthy of note that the leader in the examinations was W. Gordon Egbert, B.A., who in 12 examination subjects obtained the unusually high percentage of 91.8 per cent. Mr. Egbert, who is a son of Dr. Egbert, of Calgary, and who has studied in the office of Griffiths, Ford, Wright & Miller, will receive the gold medal presented by the Law society of Alberta. The second place prize has been awarded to A. Lannan, who has studied in the office of Reilly & Lunney, and the third prize to F. L. Burnett, of High River, this giving the first three places in the results to the south of the province.
Not only have Calgary students won in the final examinations, but first and second prizes have gone to Calgarians in the first and second intermediate examinations. J. W. Moyer, with Mr. Brooks Waters, won first in the second intermediate and L. W. Brockington first in the first intermediate. F. R. Brady, with H. H. Gilchrist, who second in the second intermediate and T. H. Randall, with J. J. Macdonald, won second in the first intermediate.

The Calgary Men

The  Calgary  students who will become full-fledged barristers in a short time and the offices with which they have been connected are:
Wm. Crockett, with Taylor, Moffatt & Moyer.
A. M. De Long, with R. T. D. Aitken and company.
W. Gordon Egbert, with Griffiths, Ford, Wright & Miller.
 J. J. Kelly, with Peacock, Skene & Skene.
 J. F. Kirkbride, with Lougheed, Bennett, McLaws and company.
A. Lannon, with Reilly & Lunney.
O. H. E. Might, Lougheed, Bennett, McLaws and company.
 P. D. McAlpine, with Lougheer, Bennett, McLaws and company.
J. K. Paul, with J. J. Macdonald.
J. A. Valiquette, with Reilly & Lunney.
The full list of successful candidates is as follows:

Candidates who have passed their finals. Names in alphabetical order:
D. E. Bell, Medicine Hat.
John Boyd, Medicine Hat.
F. L. Burnet, High River.
J. M. P. Coady, Medicine Hat.
H. S. Coulter, Edmonton.
W. D. Craig, Edmonton.
W. M. Crockett, Calgary.
W. H. J. Dean, Edmonton.
A. M. DeLong, Calgary.
W. Gordon Egbert, Calgary.
H. B. Fraser, Medicine Hat.
L. S. Fraser, Edmonton.
J. J. Kelly, Calgary.
 J. F. Kirkbride, Calgary.
A. Lannon, Calgary.
O. H. E. Might, Calgary.
P. D. McAlpine, Calgary.
J. A. McKenzie, Edmonton.
J. K. Paul, Calgary.
W. E. Simpson, Edmonton.
J. A. Valliquette, Calgary.
J. Vaselenak, Lethbridge.
C. J. Wilson, Medicine Hat.

Second Intermediate
In the second intermediate the following candidates passed:
F. G. Beaumont, Calgary.
Norman Blue, Edmonton.
F. M. Brady, Calgary.
R. V. Bellamy, Edmonton.
T. B. DeVaney, Calgary.
Norman F. Harvy, Edmonton.
C. F. Jamieson, Lethbridge.
M.  J. Leiberman, Edmonton.
S. J. McQuaig, Edmonton.
F. O. McKenna,  Calgary.
J. D. Mothersall, Edmonton.
J. W. Moyer, Edmonton.
H. C. Newland, Edmonton.
A. J. Robertson, Calgary.
E. M. Robertson, Edmonton.
R. M. Spankie, Calgary.
J. J. Tighe, Calgary.
V. E. Way, Edmonton.
T. H. Wells, Edmonton.
H. White, Edmonton, passed in all subjects except Real Property and Evidence.

First Intermediate
In the first intermediate the following candidates passed:
C. R. Arnold, High River.
Abe Barron, Calgary.
O. C. Boness, Edmonton.
L. W. Brockington, Calgary.
P. R. Bryenton, Calgary.
R. S. McKay, Calgary.
J. McPherson, Edmonton.
M. J. O'Brien, Edmonton.
T. H. Randall, Edmonton.
H. A. Spankie, Calgary.
The following candidates passed except in the subjects mentioned:
 J. S. Kirkham, Real Property.
L. A. Fradkin, Real Property and Equity.
T. J. O'Connor, Real Property.
J. D. McWilliams, Real Property and Equity.
J. Robinson, Real Property.
A. J. Watson, Real Property.
B. C. Jackson, Contracts.

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