Calgary Herald

1 Feb 1918




Temporary Officers and Committee to Draft Constitution Are Appointed

Appointing temporary officers and a committee to draft a constitution the representatives of the Calgary Automobile Trades Association was formed last night at a meeting held in the Board of Trade rooms. Representatives were present from practically all the firms handling automobiles and the allied supplies, such as the wholesale and retail auto men, the tire and accessories dealer, the oil men and the garage men.
The temporary chairman is P. D. McTavish, and E. Crandell secretary, and the members of the committee appointed to draft the constitution and bylaws as follows: George Webber, of the Webber garage; L. B. Martin, of the Chapin Company; L. A. Cavanagh, of the Motor Car Supply; J. A. Comly, of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Canada, and M. B. Green, manager of the Imperial Oil Company.
It is the ultimate view of the new association to affiliate later on with other similar organizations in the province, and the constitution will be based on those of other Canadian and American cities.

Join Board of Trade

The matter of incorporating themselves with the Calgary Board of Trade came up, and Secretary Campbell, of the board, stated that this had been foreseen, and that there was provision in the charter and bylaws to have an automobile section. There were already some 14 sections of the Board of Trade, each of which practically handled its own interests, but that matters could be referred to the council of the board which meets weekly for approval and endorsation. The question was laid over until the organization was further advanced.
Stewart Graham, assistant manager of the Ford Calgary Agency said the efforts of the new organization should be directed to advancing the interests of each and every member. The should work with a unity of purpose and with the efforts of every member the new organization should be able to do considerable to advance the interests of the auto men of the city.

Hold Auto Show

It is likely that arrangements will be undertaken to held an auto show next fall, and the opportunity taken to boost the use of autos during the winter months. It was brought out that the auto business was now attracting some of the best business men in the country. The chairman will call a meeting within the next couple of weeks, as soon as the committee has its report ready.

Among those present were:

Stewart M. Graham, Ford Motor Company; W. N. Denning, S. F. Bowser Tank Company; F. Stapells, Motor Car Supply Company, Ltd.; General Supplies Ltd.; O. S. Chapin, the Chapin Company; L. B. Martin, the Chapin Company; Jas. F. Stone, Briscoe cars; G. H. Clotworthy, Dunlop Tire Company; J. A. Comly, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Canada; George Webber, Webber garage; H. L. MacMillan Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Company, Ltd.; H. Newcomb, Alberta Motorist; James Ford, Calgary Vulcanizing Works; W. H. Silman, Crescent garage; E. A. McCullagh, Maclin Motors; Mark Drumm, Mark Drumm Auto Sales; C. A. McGee, Seigel Auto Company; S. A. Clancy, Foundry Products Ltd.; J. E. Harris, Gutta Percha and Rubber, Ltd.; Wm. Tallington, Motor Sales, Ltd.; A. C. M. Giverin, Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co., Ltd.; D. L. MacQuarrie, Studebaker Company of Canada Ltd.; P. D. McTavish, McTavish Motor Co., Ltd.; and E. W. Kolb, Osgood Lens Agency.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2010-08-19