Calgary Herald

19 June 1918




The results of the law examinations conducted by the Law Society of Alberta in April last, have now been received by the secretary, Charles F. Adams, and the education committee of the benchers makes the following recommendations thereon, the named of those who have been granted a pass being arranged in order of merit.
L. W. Brockington (winner of the gold medal), P. L. Sanford (winner of Carswell Co. prize), P. R. Bryenton, O. C. Boness, W. J. Shortreed, T. H. Randall, H. L. Spankie.
The following have failed in the subjects indicated, and will be required to write supplemental examinations therein: C. C. Moller (contracts and criminal law), C. R. Arnold (practice and procedure), S. B. Hillocks (company law).
Mr. Brockington, to whom has been awarded the gold medal, is a student-at-law in the offices of Messrs. Lougheed, Bennett, McLaws & Co., and succeeded in obtaining the wonderfully high average in twelve subjects of 93 1/2 per cent.
Second Intermediate
A. M. Knight (winner of Carswell Co. prize), Mrs. E. K. Albright, W. G. Atkinson, A. Mahaffy, P. M. Dunne, L. G. Dafoe, L. A. Craig.
The following has failed in the subjects indicated, and will be required to write supplemental examinations therein: A. H. Barnard (contracts and private international law).
First Intermediate
J. H. Sissons (winner of Carswell Co. prize),  Miss G. A. Playter, John H. Delf, F. J. Richardson, Miss H. Barclay, A. E. Burley, John C. Hiebert, E. S. Farr, Mrs. G. E. Bury, H. B. Brown, D. Campbell, A. R. Belcher, A. B. Paterson, S. C. Genge, Chas. F. Carswell, Miss S. J. O'Connor.
The following have failed in the subjects indicated and will be required to write supplemental therein: R. P. Richards (contracts), George M. Calder (equity), Miss H. M. Fisher (constitutional law), George D. Atkin (equity and constitutional law).
The following candidates who have given notice of intention to write on the final examinations, but who enlisted for overseas service in the Tanks Battalion a few days before the examinations commenced, have been granted their pass standing after undergoing a special oral examination before the education committee, namely--
R. F. Jackson, M. J. O'Brien.
J. H. Ogilvie is also granted his first intermediate standing, he having enlisted for overseas service before the examinations were actually held.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2010-09-19