Calgary Herald

2 July 1919




Carr, Gregory and J. W. Watson Finalists-- Downs and Gregory Prize Winners

The annual meeting of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta was held on Saturday in the Board of Trade building, Calgary. Results of the recent examinations were announced by the university board of examiners. There were ten final candidates and fifteen intermediates, of whom the following were successful:
Intermediates-- F. H. Butler, Edmonton; W. N. Downs, Camrose; A. G. Fry, Edmonton; W. L. Johnston, Edmonton; W. C. Marshall, Edmonton. Granted supplementals:-- Wm. Donaldson, Calgary; I. D. Noble, Edmonton; E. A. Stockwell, Calgary; A. D. Sturrock, Nordegg; A. G. Trotman, Medicine Hat.
Finals-- A. H. Carr, Calgary; E. T. Gregory, Calgary; G. A. Maxwell, Edmonton; P. W. Stevens, Edmonton; J. W. Watson, Calgary. Granted supplementals:-- H. G. Forson and H. R. Symes, Edmonton.
The prizes for highest standing in the intermediate was won by W. N. Downs and in the final by E. T. Gregory.
The officers of the institute elected for the ensuing year are J. B. Sutherland, Calgary, president; Ed. D. C. Thomson, Edmonton, first vice-president; F. M. Harvey, Calgary, second vice-president; Cecil L. Rose, Edmonton, secretary-treasurer; J. A. Henderson, Edmonton, auditor.
Other members of the executive:-- W. H. A. Thompson, Calgary; W. W. Gould, Edmonton; M. C. McCannel, Edmonton.
The Calgary Chartered Accountants' Club entertained the visiting members of the association at lunch at the Palliser.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2008-09-18