Calgary Herald

26 Dec 1919



Results of First Aid and Nursing Classes Held at Y

During the year several classes in first aid and home nursing were held at the Y. W. C. A., the successful candidates being as follows:

First Aid Certificates

Miss Amy Atkinson, Miss Ethel Bennett, Miss Frances Bowser, Miss Margaret Boutilier, Miss Evelyn Cairney, Miss Gladys Cook, Miss Jessie Dawson, Miss Alberta Fitchett, Miss Hilda Gould, Miss Mabel Hunt, Miss Louise Keyes, Miss Hazel Lindsay, Miss Margaret O'Connor, Miss Catherine Ross, Miss Mary Rath, Miss Mabel Ronn, Miss Olive Turner, Mrs. Clara Turner, Miss Mary E. Thompson, Mrs. Rachel Vandelinder, Miss EVa Winfield.


Miss Margaret Clark.


Miss Katherine Currie, Mrs. Laura Cuelman, Miss Marjory Postlethwaite.

Home Nursing

Miss Beryl Allen, Miss Ethel Bennett, Miss Frances Bowser, Miss Margaret Clark, Miss Evelyn Cairney, Miss Jessie Dawson, Miss Mary Evans, Miss Alberta Fitchett, Miss Hilda Gould, Miss Hilda Halliday, Miss Louise Keyes, Miss Jeanette Kirkwood, Miss Hazel Lindsay, Miss Ethel Miller, Miss Minnie McKay, Miss Marjory Postlethwaite, Miss Catherine Ross, Miss Edith Silvester, Miss Shirley Silvester, Mrs. Georgina Trigg.

St. Stephen's Guild First Aid Certificates

Miss Florence Astell, Miss Myrtle Bates, Miss Isabelle Dunn, Miss Marie Foerstel, Miss Winifred Gilhooly, Miss Leah Harper, Miss Muriel Pearson, Miss Dorothy Rhodes, Miss Olive Tarbuck, Miss Kathleen Tempest.
Certificates have arrived and will be presented early in the year, at the annual meeting of the St. John Ambulance Association, notice of which will appear later.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2008-09-18