Calgary Herald

5 July 1919





G. C. S. Crosby, War Veteran, Highest Senior Candidate, Miss Playter, Intermediate

Charles F. Adams, K. C., secretary of the Law Society of Alberta, announces the following list of successful candidates in the examinations conducted by the society this year. They were considered by the benchers in their semi-annual meeting in convocation, which was concluded in Banff yesterday. G. C. S. Crosby, a returned veteran, of the firm of Lougheed & Bennett, is the candidate with the highest standing. Miss Greta A. Player, B. A., is the highest candidate in the second intermediate. The results follow:

First Intermediate

George Crosby, Calgary; Sidney Smith, Edmonton; Nelles Buchanan, Edmonton; Fred Pennock, Edmonton; Robert Baron, Edmonton; Laurence Colpitts, Youngstown; Hugh Stanton, Edmonton; Colin McLaurin, Calgary; Colin Heseltine, High River; John Sayers, Edmonton; Ross Rein, Calgary; Edward Kane, Edmonton; Jas. Russell, Calgary; Stanley Puffer, Edmonton; William Howes, Vulcan; Gordon Allan, Calgary; Ross Mills, Calgary; Alphaeus McNutt, Edmonton; James Jones, Edmonton; Harold Johnston, Calgary; Sadie Gordon, Calgary; James McCormick, Lacombe; Reginald MacLaren, Calgary; John E. Basareb, Edmonton; Mary Robinson, Youngstown; Alexander Gibson, Calgary; George Scott, Edmonton; Aaron Goodman, Lethbridge; John Thornton, Edmonton.


The following candidates are required to write a supplemental in the subjects indicated:
Samuel Boyaner, Edmonton (real property); Irene B. McFarlane, Edmonton (constitutional law); Alfred Simpson, Calgary (constitutional law and real property); Tom Saul, Chauvin (equity); Edward Arnold, High River (real property); Frederick Rose, Lethbridge (common law and real property); Henry Wilson, Edmonton (equity and real property); Stephen Sawula, Edmonton (common law); Norman Plummer, Calgary (contracts); Israel Kronick, Calgary (common law); Agnes Watters, Calgary (real property).
The following have passed a supplemental in the subjects indicated, and thereby obtain their full intermediate standing: Helen Fisher, Calgary (constitutional law only); John Sells, Edmonton (real property only).

Second Intermediate

Greta Playter, Calgary; John Delf, Medicine Hat; John Sissons, Edmonton; Charles Carswell, Edmonton; John Sells, Edmonton; Frederick Richardson, Edmonton; Percy Scott, Calgary; Helena Barclay, Edmonton; St. John Colin Genge, Edmonton; Sarah O'Connor, Calgary; Alexander Paterson, Edmonton; Stanley Poole, Wetaskiwin; Gertrude Bury, Olds; George Noble, Calgary.
The following are required to write and pass a supplemental examination on the subjects mentioned before being entitled to a second intermediate standing: George Atkin, Calgary (evidence); John Hiebert, Calgary (civil procedure); Arnold Burley, Edmonton (civil procedure); Everett Farr, Edmonton (civil procedure); Alexander Miller, Calgary (evidence); Laurel McKercher, Edmonton (civil procedure and evidence); Helen Fisher, Calgary (civil procedure and real property); Richard Richards, Edmonton (civil property and criminal law); George Calder, Medicine Hat (civil procedure and real property). Nine subjects to pass (50 per cent).


Albert Knight, Edmonton (gold medalist); Herman Hurlburt, Edmonton; Evelyn Albright, Calgary; Leo Dafoe, Edmonton; William Atkinson, Edmonton; Abe Barron, Calgary; Samuel Helman, Calgary; Thomas O'Connor, Calgary; Thomas F. Roach, Calgary.
The following are required to pass in subjects indicated: Laurence Craig, Edmonton (criminal law);  Jas. Kirkham, Lethbridge (equity); George Buchanan, Calgary (constitutional law);  Albert Mahaffy, Calgary (equity); Patrick Dunne, Edmonton (practice and procedure); Edmund Campion Bridges, Calgary (wills and criminal law); Ernest Hudson, Lougheed (wills, practice and procedure).
The following is entitled to full final standing, having passed a supplemental examination in the subject indicated: C. R. Arnold, High River (practice and procedure).

Extracted by J. Kynman 2008-09-18