Calgary Herald

26 May 1935



Canmore Ambulance Examination Results

CANMORE  (Special)-- J. Leslie Hill, secretary of St. John Ambulance Association, Canmore centre, announced the results of the annual first aid examinations, held Sunday, March 17, conducted by Dr. J. Dean Robinson, of Banff, assisted by Dr. R. A. Worthington, and J. Hill.
Forty-five students entered the examination, which resulted as follows: Men, senior, first year-- James Antonuik, Edward Brown, Vincent Cole, Marshall W. Dewis, John Neimi; second year-- Thomas E. Bailie, Robert D. Baxter, James P. Fitzgerald, Alfred A. Fox, Richard Inman, Louis John Sandrelli; third year-- Leonard J. Bloxham, John A. Colebrook, Edward J. Fitzgerald, Arthur Knudson, Harry B. Musgrove, Fornie Shandruk, Hugh Wardrop; fourth or succeeding years-- Gideon Broderick, William Bell, John Brown, John Cochrane, Clifford S. Dewis, Jenkin Evans, Albert E. Grainger (Jr.), James Hill, J. Leslie Hill, Victor Mrokwia (Jr.), Joseph M. Miskow, Thomas Rappel.
Men, junior: Lawrence Anderson (Jr.), Joseph Riva (Jr.).
Ladies', senior: First year-- Mrs. A. Bevan, Mrs. D. Carmichael, Miss M. L. Macnab, Mrs. G. M. Martin, Miss M. K. Wallace, Miss A. Wright; second year-- Mrs. M. E. Bestwick, Mrs. L. Fox, Mrs. M. E. Worthington; fourth and succeeding years-- Mrs. E. M. Dodd, Miss E. A. Hill,  Mrs. C. M. Mallabone, Mrs. M. E. Skates.
The Canmore Coal Co. No. 1 team, champions of Canada, are taking a special training course and show every indication of successfully holding the Dominion honors during the coming year. This year they are again entered in the Alberta provincial championship and the Montizambert trophy (Canadian championship). The Canmore Coal Co. No. 2 team will compete in the Coderre cup (Canadian miners' first aid championship) with a strong team. The Canmore intermediate team will enter the Gaunt trophy for the Canadian title, and the Canmore ladies' champion team will defend their title against Canadian teams as well, in the Sir George Burns cup.
Colonel Clarke, adjudicator, will be in Canmore to examine the teams and will take a film movie of the champion No. 1 team in a team demonstration. All examinations will be held late in May.


Extracted by J. Kynman