Calgary Herald

1948-01-27 Page 7   


Acme Red Cross In Good Standing

ACME, Jan. 27-- T
he Acme branch of the Canadian Red Cross Society made and shipped about 600 articles to the Alberta division headquarters.
The financial statement shows the branch to be in good standing.
The group, though not so active as during the war, is organized for emergency work.
The blood transfusion clinic last fall was a success, and co-operation is assured at the next clinic in the near future.
honorary president, E. M. Brown; president, Walter J. Reddekopp; vice-president, Rev. A. H. Rowe; secretary-treasurer, A. S. Ferguson.
President of the women's work committee is Mrs. Charles Young; executive committee-- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kay Clarke, Roy Clarke, and J. A. Davis.
Mrs. Charles Young was elected again to the provincial council and as delegate to the annual meeting of the society to be held in Lethbridge.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20