Calgary Herald

1948-01-17 Page 7

Jenner Heads Auto Ass'n

Lt.-Col. F. T. Jenner, Red Deer, was elected president of the 
Automotive Trade Association for Alberta at the annual meeting in the Renfrew Club Monday and Tuesday.
Harold F. Boyle, Edmonton, was elected first vice-president; Bert Dyson, Calgary, second vice-president and C. J. F. Beny, Lethbridge, third vice-president. G. E. Watt, Calgary, will be secretary-manager while W. H. Payne, Didsbury, will be treasurer.
THE ALBERTA association supported the Manitoba association in working toward the formation of a national automotive trade association. A Dominion charter had recently been obtained for the Automotive Trade Association of Canada it was announced.
Reports of the industrial relations committee and the committee of fair trade and practices in Alberta were presented.
T. W. Sm
ith, president of the Manitoba association, attended the meeting accompanied by Frank S. Innis, secretary-treasurer, and Walter C. Newman, legal advisor.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28