Calgary Herald

1948-01-28 Page 11

Calhoun Again Heads Cancer Society Council 
Re-elected for Sixth Term; Annual Reports Emphasize Need of Continued Control Publicity

Alexander Calhoun, of Calgary, was re-elected for his sixth term as president of the Alberta council of the Canadian 
Cancer Society at the council's annual meeting this afternoon in the Palliser hotel.
Other elected to the executive were Hon. W. W. Cross, provincial mi
nister of health honorary president; G. R. A. Rice, Edmonton, first vice-president; A. W. Shackleford, Lethbridge, second vice-president; F. S. Harrison, of Calgary; honorary treasurer; Dr. W. H. McGuffin, Calgary, chairman of the medical advisory committee; S. H. Helman, K.C., Calgary, honorary solicitor; W. H. Nield, Calgary, honorary auditor.
The board of directors will include the above members of the executive plus Mrs. Thomas Bishop, M.B.E., C. R. Dickey, Fred Shaw, all of Calgary; Mrs. A. R. T. Anderson, Drumheller; D. S. Hawthorne, Medicine Hat; Ronald Martland, K.C., Edmonton. R. N. Talbot, of Calgary, is executive secretary.
 members of the provincial council of the society from the main centres in Alberta are attending the meeting. Reports from the district councils at Calgary, Drumheller, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat were being received this afternoon.
Tonight, Dr. A. W. Blair of Regina, director of the Saskatchewan cancer services and a director of the National Cancer Institute will speak on legislation and control efforts for cancer victims in Canada.
In his presidential report, Alexander Calhoun said the diagnostic cancer clinics should be strengthened and enlarged so that the facilities would be available to more people.
He reviewed the year's work of the branch which included the opening of the cancer dressing service March 1, and the annual financial and membership campaign in the spring which resulted in nearly $116,000 being contributed for cancer work.
"ONE OF THE very significant developments of the year has been the establishment of the National Cancer Institute whose major concern will be the direction of fundamental cancer research throughout Canada."
There are more than 30,000 members of the Alberta branch of the cancer society, R. N. Talbot, executive secretary reported. He added that a more intensive program of education should be carried out in 1948 to supplement the literature, films and lecture presented last year.
Mrs. N. S. Symons, R.N., director of the cancer dressing service, said 144 patients had received cancer dressings during the year, and an average of 160 boxes of dressings were shipped monthly.
She believed the Alberta service was the only one of its kind on the continent.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20