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1948-01-31 Page 6

Local Council of Women Elects Mrs. H. F. Clarke

Mrs. Herbert F. Clarke was chosen head of the Local Council of Women at the annual meeting Friday in the parlors of the Y.W.C.A. Sessions started early in the afternoon with the retiring president, Mrs. L. G. Fisher, in the chair, and concluded with a banquet in the evening at the Club Cafe.
Miss Ruth Knechtel, grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hilliker, 1317 19th Ave. W., was winner of the council's $30 art scholarship. Miss Knechtel is a second year student at the Institute of Technology and Art.
Alderman Rose Wilkinson, M.L.A., spoke on "We the Women," and urged women to step into public life. She suggested two things to persons considering running for office in legislative bodies, a sense of humor and "the effective instrument ... knowledge founded on facts; tact, truthfulness and honesty."
"If Canadian women fail to capitalize on their franchise it will become a stigma instead of an asset  and a sure way to invite dictatorship." She concluded by saying "earnest minded and sober women should be asking and answering paramount questions today. Why wars and why the present conditions?"
GREETINGS WERE brought by Mayor J. C. Watson from the city council and from Mrs. Harold W. Riley, president of the Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare.
In the afternoon, reports were given by Miss Mary A. Livesey, convener of citizenship; Mrs. David Little, who spoke on the work of L.O.B.A. lodges and the Past Mistresses' club; and Mrs. Fairy Walker, United Nations convener. A report submitted by Mrs. F. G. Grevett on economics and taxation was ready by Mrs. Clarke.
MRS. JOHN GORMAN, convener of laws, stated that a brief on welfare in Alberta had been forwarded to Edmonton and she would announce its contents at a later meeting. She also recommended that all past presidents of the Local Council be given a vote and that affiliated societies be allowed an extra vote. This motion will be presented to the affiliated societies for approval.
Miss Violet Deeprose reviewed the work being done by the Mount View Home.
Greetings were also brought by Mrs. E. C. Cameron from the Y.W.C.A., and Mrs. A. L. McGuire from the Women's Association at Wesley United church. Mrs. L. Fradkins, a representative from the Calgary Council of Jewish Women, told of the work being done by her organization in connection with orphan children in Europe.
MISS RUBY Crealock of the Home Economics club; Mrs. C. Mowers, Women's Labor League; and Mrs. John Gorman for the United University Women's club, spoke briefly.
The slate of officers 
includes: Past president, Mrs. L. G. Fisher; 
president, Mrs. H. F. Clarke; vice-presidents, Mrs. Thomas Mowbray, Mrs. David Little, Mrs. W. M. Rothwell and Mrs. K. Dinningham?; treasurer, Mrs. Wallace Neale; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. Smith; assistant corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. Whitfield; and recording secretary, Mrs. C. W. Mowers.
Conveners of committees are: arts and letters, Miss Katherine C. Martin; child welfare, Mrs. Jean McDonald; films and printed matter, Mrs. W. C. Crum; education, Miss Mary Willison; housing and town planning, Mrs. Arthur M. Berryman; immigration, Mrs. David Little; laws, Mrs. John Gorman; moral standards, Mrs. J. Whitfield; public health, Mrs. S. C. Cunningham; recreation, Mrs. J. Grabowski; and trades and professions, Miss Lille Lu

 Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-25