Calgary Herald

1948-03-19 Page 16

W. H. Tompkins Heads Chapter

W. H. Tompkins was elected president of the Calgary chapter of the Alberta Credit Union League at the annual meeting Thursday night in the Palace Bread auditorium.
Mr. Tompkins, a member of the provincial civil servants' 
credit group, succeeds Arthur Kirkby, of the Federal credit union, who named a director of the league Thursday.
VICE-PRESIDENT is E. W. Thomas. A secretary-treasurer will be appointed later.
Sub-committee chairman of the promotion committee include C. M. Baker, library; Frank Markle, broadcasting; Boyd Robe, publicity, and W. W. Gaskarth, study clubs.
SOCIAL COMMITTEE chairman is Chris Schwartzenberger. Elected to the executive were H. J. Hewitt and H. McKinnon.
The need for union officers familiarizing themselves with the 
Credit Union Act was stressed by Charles Gould, of the provincial governmentcredit union supervisory department, who addressed the meeting, and Keith Robertson of the supervisory department, spoke briefly.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-20