Calgary Herald

1948-01-06 Page 7


Denbeigh Heads Fieldmen’s Assn. 

C. F. Denbeigh, Calgary, was elected president of the Alberta Fieldmen’s Association at the annual meeting of the association in the Palliser hotel Monday.
OTHER OFFICERS elected were: C. L. Layton, vice-president; secretary-treasurer, R. J. Crighton; executive committee, F. E. Mitchell, R. K. Smith, and A. M. Young, all of Calgary.
The retiring president, Roy Manning, who retired from business Jan. 1, was presented with an engraved silver tray. He was also made an honorary life member of the association.
The Alberta Fieldmen’s Association is a group of fire and accident insurance company officials.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-07-28