Calgary Herald

1948-01-29 Page 16

Cancer Centre Need Stressed at Meeting

Need for cancer centres, trained cancer clinicians and support of both clinical and fundamental research to fight the disease were urged by Dr. A. W. Blair of Regina, director of cancer services for the Saskatchewan government, when he spoke Wednesday night in the Palliser hotel.
His address concluded the one-day annual meeting of the Alberta council of the Canadian Cancer Society.
"WE CAN LOOK with optimism to the day when cancer will be wiped out, and it is hoped that Canada will play her part in cancer research. In the past the Dominion has not taken the part she is able with the high standard of the universities."
Dr Blair said it was from fundamental research that great advances would come but he emphasized that clinical research was important in studying the disease at various stages.
The benefits of education of the public was seen in the number of patients who, having recognized the early symptoms of cancer, had visited cancer clinics and doctors for treatment. Early diagnosis assured a better opportunity of a complete cure.
At the afternoon session, the board of directors decided to name a committee of public and private agency representatives to make recommendations on the Edmonton council suggestion that a proportion of the annual funds be used for direct aid to necessitous cancer cases.
IT WAS DECIDED the annual campaign for memberships and funds would be held during April.
Reports of the district councils in the province were presented by Mrs. A. R. T. Anderson of Drumheller, Mrs. John Oliver of Edmonton, A. W. Shackleford of Lethbridge, Mrs. D. Ballyk of Medicine Hat, and Fred Kenny of Calgary.
All told of the work of the last year which included collecting funds for the provincial campaign for funds, and help given necessitous cancer cases. Mr. Shackleford said his council had asked the provincial government to establish a diagnostic clinic in Lethbridge in the new $1,000,000 hospital which would serve Southern Alberta.
MRS. E. E. MORTON, Vegreville, president of the 
Women’s Institute said her group had undertaken a program of education and cancer prevention as a major project, and through funds collected, free supplies of radium for cancer treatment had been placed in Galt hospital at Lethbridge, and University hospital in Edmonton.
A suggestion that the Alberta Cancer Society undertake to provide a statistical clerk to amass information on cancer cases was made by
 Dr. E. L. Pope of Edmonton, director of cancer services for the provincial government. He said such information would be a valuable contribution to the National Cancer Institute in its clinical research.
ADDED TO the board of directors were: T. A. Graham of Edmonton and Mrs. Morton, representing the 
Women’s Institute.
Members at la
rge are Fred Kenny, Fred Shaw and Victor Pryce of Calgary; Mrs. A. R. T. Anderson and Mrs. F.  C. Moyer of Drumheller; T. A. Graham, Mrs. J. A. Clarke, Mrs. J. C. Shermata, Mrs. John Oliver, Ronald Martland, K.C., and G. R. A. Rice, all of Edmonton; A. W. Shackleford, Mrs. J. Gibson and Mrs. J. C. Neilson of Lethbridge; Mrs. D. Ballyk, Mrs. Fred Sailer and D. S. Hawthorne of Medicine Hat; Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Edwards of Red Deer; H. Page of Stettler; Mrs. R. W. Manley of Wetaskiwin; M. W. Howey of Beaverlodge, Mrs. Nina Petch of Vermilion and Mrs. E. E. Morton of Vegreville.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20