Calgary Herald

1948-01-18 Page 7

Jewelers Start Watch Campaign

watch-owners will be urged to take better care of their watches, following announcement of a national educational campaign to acquaint the public with the care of watches at the annual meeting of the Southern Alberta Retail Jewelers' Association in the Renfrew club Tuesday evening.
Details of the new watch guarantee plan which lasts for six months instead of a year as previously were discussed at the meeting.
FRANK TRAINOR was re-elected president, Clarence M. Hanna, 
vice-president, and John J. Lowen, secretary treasurer. George Wallace, Gordon Anderson, Carl Wolfsberg and Morris Shortt were appointed directors. All officers are from Calgary.
Mr. Trainor and Mr. Wallace were appointed delegates to the national convention of the Canadian Jewelers' Association which will be held in Vancouver
r April 25-28. A system for the equalizing of freight charges will be the main item in the agenda.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20