Calgary Herald

1948-05-05 Page 3


Credit Men Name Officers 

A. E. Beggs of Robin Hood Flour Mills Limited, was elected president of the Southern Alberta board of governors of the Canadian 
Credit Men's Trust Association at the annual meeting recently.
G. E. HEALEY of Gas and Oil Products Limited was elected vice-president. Annual reports were submitted and William Ireland, C.A., was re-appointed auditor. The thanks of the meeting were extended to the retiring president Newton Fraser.
Other board members elected were, R. F. Cook, Alberta-National Drug Co., Ltd.; R. B. Corley, Burns and Co., Limited; T. F. Coulter, McColl Frontenac Oil Co., Ltd.; W. R. Daley, Canadian General Electric Company, Ltd.; Newton Fraser, Consolidated Fruit Co., Ltd.; R. L. Knight, Brock Co. (Western) Ltd.; H. D. Lawson, British American Oil Company Ltd.; H. D. Patterson, Taylor, Pearson and Carson Ltd., all of Calgary, and Mat Parkyn, MacDonald's Consolidated Ltd., Lethbridge.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-08