Calgary Herald

1948-01-22 Page 7


Society Elects Mr. W. H. Hamilton As President

Members of the 
Canadian First Aiders' Society held their annual meeting recently when officers were elected. Mr. W. H. Hamilton was selected as president of the group.
Others to hold office are: Vice-president, Mr. George Baker; recording secretary, Mrs. W. H. Hamilton; treasurer, Mr. William Edey; directors, Mr. W. H. Hamilton, Mr. Peter Wallace and Mr. William Thompson; trustees, Mr. Roy Whitehead, Mr. William Thompson and Mr. A. E. Knapton; entertainment, Mr. Peter Wallace, Mrs. Clifford Young, Mrs. William Edey and Mrs. Thomas Carr; sick visiting committee, Mr. D. J. Meigh, Mrs. Roy Whitehead, Mrs. D. J. Meigh and Mr. Clifford Young.
The women are planning a tea April 24 in the Hudson's Bay Company store auditorium. Anyone interested in the society should contact Mrs. Hamilton at E3480.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05