Calgary Herald

1948-01-13 Page 6

Mrs. Thomas Lumley Heads Travelers' L.A. 

 Ladies' Auxiliary to the Associated Canadian Travellers held its first meeting of the year recently in the auditorium of the Palace Bakery when annual reports were presented.
Officers elected were: president, Mrs. Thomas Lumley; vice-president, Mrs. Clifford Butler; 
secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Elburn Parr; social conveners, Mrs. Lorne Corbett, Mrs. William MacKenzie and Mrs. Thomas Oakenfold; sick and visiting, Mrs. Jack Clarke; and press reporter, Mrs. M. G. Fenton.
A past president's pin and gift were presented by Mrs. George Dow to the retiring president, Mrs. C. E. S

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08