Calgary Herald

1948-05-10 Page 15

Horticulture Officers Named 

(By Herald Correspondent)

CARDSTON, May 10-- 
Cardston and District Horticulture Society held its annual meeting this week in the second ward chapel with President Mrs. Roy Folsom in the chair. New officers elected for the coming year were: President, Tom Cardwell; first vice-president, Mrs. Ula Steed; second vice-president, Mrs. Martha Folsom; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Beryl Shaw, with the following as directors, Scott Forsyth, Doris Komm, Laura Cahoon, Bernice Holland, Delbert Steed, Donna Steed, Lenore McNaughton, Lucille Piling, Burton Payne, Jane Anderson, Lucille Cahoon and Mrs. Jim Jacobs.
Guest speaker for the evening was Delbert Steed, district agriculturist who spoke on gladioli culture. He gave detailed information on the planting, fertilizing, cultivation, and treatment for disease.
The executive of the Horticulture Society will meet soon to make plans for its fourth summer 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-14