Calgary Herald

1948-01-19 Page 5

Grenville Heads Drumheller District Farm Group

Farmers from all points in the 
Drumheller agricultural district were so keenly interested in the newly-chartered Drumheller District Agricultural Society that they braved zero weather Friday to attend the first annual meeting of the society.
A. C. B. Grenville was unanimously elected president; P. J. Rock, first vice-presi
dent; C. Borwick, second vice-president; H. F. Irwin, secretary; and W. H. Acton, treasurer; and directors, M. Schmaltz, Beiseker; R. Hodgson, Rowley; M. Gourlay, Drumheller; L. Andrew, Drumheller; R. Davison, Three Hills; W. D. McDonald, Grainger; W. Brown, Eric Gray,  Mrs. A. Deboer and N. F. Bell, Drumheller; J. Bishop and J. G. Umbrite, Three Hills; J. Storch, Rumsey; R. W. Waters, Morrin; W. H. Munroe, Rosebud; Pat Brown and Andy Sutherland, Drumheller; Stan Logan, Michichi; George Carter, Ken McPherson and O. Hands, Delia; V. Montgomery, Morrin; Dick Cosgrave, Rosebud; Rod Sharpe, Munson; J. Dahn, Rockyford; H. Rowbottom, Kesketh; J. Cramer, Michichi; W. Milligan, Drumheller; J. Gaetz, Craigmyle; and B. McPheeters, Rumsey.
Ex-officio directors are the mayor of Drumheller, presidents of Drumheller and District Board of Trade and Junior Chamber of Commerce; reeves of Kneehill and Starland municipalities; chairman of Starland and Kneehill municipalities' service boards.
The district agriculturist, N. F. Bell, was appointed to act in an advisory capacity for any committees.
Numerous committees were appointed, including publicity and extension, fair, cattle, sheep, swine, soil, conservation, agricultural engineering, rural education, junior club work, poultry, rural health, horticulture, fur farming and others.
The regional Shorthorn breeders will be invited to hold another show in Drumheller this year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28