Calgary Herald

1948-01-06 Page 13

Drumheller Farmer Body to Meet Jan. 16

(By Herald Correspondent)
DRUMHELLER, Jan. 6-- The first annual meeting of the newly organized Drumheller District Agricultural Society has been called for Jan. 16 by District Agriculturist, N. F. Bell.
In due course the society will receive its charter from the department of agriculture.
trade in the past has sponsored most of the agricultural activities here, but realizing the need for a specialized group to handle the task it moved for a larger organization. An organization meeting was called last month and representatives came in large numbers from every corner of the district.
The forthcoming meeting is expected to ratify the slate of officers as a permanent executive.
THE FOLLOWING were elected protem at the organization meeting: A. C. B. Grenville, Morrin, president; P. J. Rock, Drumheller, first vice president; Charles Borwick, Orkney, 2nd vice president; Henry F. Irwin, Drumheller, secretary; W. H. Acton, 

Drumheller, treasurer.
Directors are: M. Schmaltz, Beiseker; R. Hodgson, Rowley; L. Andrew, Drumheller; William Brown, Drumheller; Eric Gray, Drumheller; Mrs. A. DeBoer,Drumheller; N. F. Bell, Drumheller; R. Davidson, Three Hills; J. Bishop, Three Hills; J. Storch, Morrin; R. W. Waters, Morrin; W. H. Munroe, Rosebud; W. D. McDonald, Grainger; Pat Brown, Drumheller; A. Sutherland, Orkney; S. Logan, Michichi; George Carter, Delia; Ken McPherson, Delia; O. Hands, Majestic; V. Montgomery, Morrin; Dick Cosgrave, Rosebud; R. Rowbottom, Hesketh; J. Cramer, Michichi; W. Milligan, Drumheller; J. Gaetz, Craigmyle; and B. McPheeters, Rumsey.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-05