Calgary Herald

1948-03-18 Page 11

Nanton Society Re-Elects Sears  

(By Herald Correspondent)
NANTON, March 18-- H. S. Sears was re-elected president of the 
Nanton Agricultural Society at the annual meeting recently. Other officers chosen were:
First vice-president, Wi
lliam Kitchen; second vice-president, Jack Smith; third vice-president, H. C. Armstrong; secretary, W. C. Cooper; treasurer, O. Blakely.
The treasurer's report showed $2,500 in the bank.
THE FOLLOWING committees were named: concessions, B. A. Suitor; publicity, F. H. Armstrong, Roy Hallett, D. L. Douglass; races, John Stewart, Jim Armstrong, L. Priestly; grounds, H. Stroller, Tom Blake, W, H. Watt.
GRANDSTAND, J. W. Laidlaw; barns, H. Garbutt; good will, W. A. Crawford-Frost; Indians, James Dick Jr.; finance, William Richardson; trophies and prizes, W. A. Crawford-Frost; horse show, George White, William Loree, D. McPeak; accommodation, D. P. Stacey; entertainment, Ralph Jewell.
THE STAMPEDE and horse show has been set for June 23 and 24. The showing of Palomino horses will again be a feature of the event. The stock cutting contest and musical quadrilles will again be on the program.
The chutes will be improved and the grounds enlarged for more ambitious attractions.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-20