Calgary Herald

1948-01-23 Page 21

Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic To Be Filmed

Society Decides to Change Name Of Lougheed Home to 'Red Cross House'

The Calgary Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic at the Lougheed home is considered a model transfusion depot and will be filmed Feb. 4 for a movie on the national transfusion service of the Red Cross, it was announced at the annual meeting of the Calgary branch of the Society in the branch headquarters at the Lougheed home Thursday evening.
It was also decided to change the name of the headquarters from the Lougheed home to the "Red Cross House."
The completion of the Red Cross war work and such peacetime activities as the blood transfusion service and the disaster relief were reviewed.
James McMillan was re-elected president for 1948, and many of the executive and committee were returned to office.
AS A WIND-UP to the Red Cross work during the war, Mrs. C. F. Naylor reported that four troop trains and 10 trains carrying servicemen's dependents were met at the C.P.R. station during 1947. She added that she hoped "we will never be called on again to do this kind of work."
The main projects of 1947 included obtaining the Lougheed House as quarters for the Calgary Red Cross branch, the Red Cross corps and the blood transfusion service. Lt. Col. D. H. Tomlinson, Provincial Red Cross commissioner, said they were the finest branch and blood donor clinic quarters in the Dominion.
MRS. N. A. CAMPBELL reported that the women's work committee had shipped 6,700 articles of clothing overseas and had made 4,900 dressings for the blood transfusion service. The welfare department had helped 220 families and 75 other people with everything from providing an artificial limb to giving aid to people who suffered loss of property through floods and fires.
The Red Cross corps with its 20 members had assisted in all types of Red Cross work during the year, while the Junior Red Cross branches in Calgary schools had done their part in community and welfare work.
Veterans in local hospitals and convalescent homes were visited by the sick visiting committee and all types of supplies were given the men, including 147,000 cigarettes, 3,304 packages of tobacco and 9,114 chocolate bars.
THE SWIMMING and water safety branch trained 52 swimming instructors to carry out the program of swimming instruction and life saving,  and Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe, chairman, thought that six times the number of children trained to swim in 1947 would receive the training this year.
In his report of the five months' operation of the blood transfusion service, Dr. John Duffin, medical director, said 2,800 blood donations had been taken in Southern Alberta through the service.
THE MEETING accepted the suggestion of Mrs. O'Keefe that the quarters be named "Red Cross House." She felt the advent of the Red Cross into the building was "the most important thing that has happened to it since Senator Lougheed moved out."
Officers for 1948 are: honorary presidents, Mayor J. C. Watson, John E. Wodell and J. B. Cross; president, James McMillan; first vice-president, Mrs. N. A. Campbell; second vice-president, Ald. George Lancaster; secretary, Gertrude  Richardson; treasurer, A. J. Bartle; women's work committee supervisor, Mrs. N. A. Campbell; hospital visiting supervisor, Mrs. I. V. Parslow; publicity supervisor, Mrs. Arthur Maw; transportation, Peter Hume; Junior Red Cross chairman, Jessie Church; welfare supervisor, Mrs. J. W. Littleton; disaster relief supervisor, Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe; swimming and water safety supervisor, Mrs. O'Keefe; entertainment committee, Mrs. J. R. Hammill; flower committee, Mrs. Gertrude Ridgway; building committee, Ald. George Lancaster; honorary auditor, H. E. Howard, C.A.; honorary solicitor, Hugh Farthing, K.C.; house committee, Mrs. C. F. Naylor and Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe; house supervisor, Mrs. M. J. Whittleton; liaison officer between Calgary branch and transfusion service, Mrs. Hugh Bonham.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-10