Calgary Herald

1948-06-03 Page 3

Red Cross Workers Honored 

Members of the Calgary detachment of the Canadian Red Cross Corps who served during the war years were presented with service badges issued by national headquarters of the Canadian Red Cross Society Wednesday evening at the Red Cross House.
James MacMillan, president of the Calgary branch, made the awards, while Louise Tester, chairman of the Calgary Corps, was chairman.
HUGH FARTHING, K.C., representing provincial headquarters, Mrs. T. H. Fields, chairman of the Edmonton corps, and Canon E. H. Maddocks, Red  Cross chaplain, gave brief addresses.
An honorary award was presented to Jessie Smith, founder of the corps in Calgary. Members of the Calgary branch, headed by Mrs. J. R. Hammill, supplied refreshments.
Presentations were made to the following Calgary women:
OVERSEAS service: Elizabeth Cuthbert, Vernette Graswick, Helena Hardwick, Elizabeth Yound and Mrs. Virginia Kolb.
Calgary service: Shirley Alsenstat, Mrs. Jacqueline Belcher, Mrs. Irene Bell, Mrs. Ruth Boxer, Helen Mae Brown, Mrs. Eleanor Booth, Betty Carlyle, Mrs. Pearl Chadney, Alice Cobb, Mrs. Betty Cockrill, Mrs. Gladys Corlstine, Anne Crawford, Frances Deeprose, Betty Gordon, Helen Hart?.
MRS. FLORA Heagh, Bernice Howard?, Mrs. Livinia Johnston, Evelyn Kemp, Mrs. Thelma Knight, Mrs. Eileen Knight, Mrs. Margaret Lee, Ruth Liesemer,  Mrs. Grace Lukes, Loreen Martin, Inez Melby, Mrs. Doris Mercer?, Mrs. Margaret Mills, Melva Montgomery, Margaret Moreash, Margaret Morkill, Mrs. Dorothy McBride, Marjorie McClennan, Kathleen McFarland, Margaret McKill, Jessie McPherson, Jean McPherson, Mrs. Phyllis McCarthy, Lois McLean.
BARBARA McLean, Christina McMillan, Mrs. Edna Miller, H. Park, Esther Pearlman, Mrs. Bernice Pedersen, Mrs. Nora Penfound, Mrs. Mildred Reddon, Charlotte Reayley, Mrs. Alice Shultz, Mrs. Marilyn Stone, Louise Tester, Hazel Tillotson, May Trennum, Mrs. Lily Urton, Wanda Wait and Mrs. Shirley Brown.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-24