Calgary Herald

1948-01-03 Page 7

Dr. W. A. Lincoln Replaced On Library Board
Robert Rintoul Takes Over Position

Dr. W. A. Lincoln, chairman of the library board, whose term expired Dec. 31, was succeeded on the board by Robert Rintoul, president of Local 583 Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America, when the city council held its New Year's reorganization meeting Friday.
H. H. McKim and H. R. Chauncey were reappointed to the library board and other members whose terms continue 'till the end of 1948 are Ald. Mrs. Rose Wilkinson, J. J. Bowlen and Mary Willison.
OTHER COMMITTEE and board appointments selected by council Friday included the following:
Housing committee: Ald. R. T. Alderman, chairman; Aldermen P. N. R. Morrison and Mrs. Wilkinson; Mrs. Nettie Mowers, C. E. Carr, J. I. White, H. G. Fletcher, J. W. Russell, Alfred Baird, E. D. Jenkins.
Scenic drive signs committee: Ald. Wilkinson, chairman; Mervyn Johnson, L. M. Saint, D. R. Boyce.
TRAFFIC COMMITTEE: Ald. Morrison, chairman; Aldermen McIntosh, Brown and Mackay; J. T. Edwards, C. V. F. Weir, Chief Const. S. J. Patterson, S. J. Sligo, W. B. Cromarty, G. McGachie.
Aviation commission: Aldermen G. M. Brown, Dr. A. E. Aikenhead and F. C. Colborne; R. G. Smith and Robert Mackay.
Advisory commission on sports and recreation: Mayor J. C. Watson, chairman; City Commissioner V. A. Newhall, Aldermen G. G. Cushing, Paul Brecken and Mrs. Rose Wilkinson, William Garnett, Lou Goodwin, J. Leslie Hill, W. L. Ross, Ward H. Steckle.
INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION: Ald. George Brown, chairman; Aldermen George Lancaster and G. G. Cushing, J. Stanley Horne, D. A. Hansen, Harold Timmins, Glen Palfrey, J. R. Wood, Robert Mackay, W. E. Robinson, Fred Nye.
Aldermen George Brown and R. T. Alderman were named council representatives on the executive of the exhibition board with Aldermen George Lancaster and D. L. McIntosh named sitting members.
Sinking fund trustees: Mayor Watson, F. E. Osborne, H. A. Howard and Ald. George Brown.
Aldermen R. T. Alderman, Paul Brecken and Mrs. Wilkinson were named representatives to the civic university committee.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-07-28